Ways to Inspire India’s Youth to Vote Using Mobile Apps

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General Elections 2014 is coming and it is very necessary that India’s Youth should vote. Many Young people feel that why they should vote and what will be the benefits if they go to vote.

Social Mobile Apps like WeChat can definitely be helpful in inspiring India’s Youth to vote. This blog post is written by me for the contest which is arranged by WeChat and Indiblogger for the topic ‘ Indian General Elections 2014 With Mobile Apps’.

As General Elections are coming, Raj and Ravi ( Imaginary Characters) were talking about it..Here we go...

Raj – R u going to vote this time?

Ravi – No, I won’t. Will you?

Raj – Yes, I will definitely. I think you should also vote.

Ravi – What will I get If I vote?

Raj – May be you don’t know the importance of going to vote. I will now send you messages (including reasons to vote) on your WeChat which will inspire you to vote.

Don’t forget reading the best ways which can definitely inspire India’s Youth to vote in the upcoming Elections.

Vote For Better Education System 

‘Education provides better understanding, better job, better thoughts and the way to move in the right direction’.

Many people feel that Education System in India is not what it should be. We all really need India’s Youth to vote so that we select someone who can bring change in Education System.

The people for whom we are voting should let us know that what changes they will bring in the Education System. Education System needs lot of modification and especially Education needs to be available for everyone at an affordable cost. People from poor families are unable to send their children to good schools and really many other things are needed to be changed.

When the children will be able to get good education then definitely our country India will progress. Through the use of mobile Apps like WeChat we can definitely make India’s Youth know all the possible changes which can happen in Education system if they vote and select the right candidate.

Importance of Making Right Choice

‘When an individual makes right choice he gets benefits but when an individual will make right vote, all the people of our country India will get the benefits’.

Another best way to motivate India’s Youth for voting in the General Elections 2014 can be making them understand the importance of making the right choice.

We can make use of cartoons, images and videos for making Youth of India understand how making the right choice is important everywhere. We need to choose the right career, right job, have right thoughts and as well as electing the best candidate is important as we are making the choice for all of us.

Inspire Youth to Vote with WeChat and Other Mobile Apps

Vote to Get Better Facilities

Not only the Youth but all the people in our country need better facilities. We all need better facilities like better banking facility, schools, colleges, healthcare facilities and much more.

Mobile Apps can help in knowing that what type of better facilities will be provided if they elect a particular candidate. We should select someone who will not forget the promises made. Without such facilities living a good life is not easy and that’s why through Mobile Apps India’s Youth should be motivated to vote for those who can bring better facilities to different parts of the country.

Vote for Better Job Opportunities

India’s Youth cannot progress unless there are better job opportunities available for the Youth. If there will be better job opportunities people will be able to earn their livelihood and able to make use of the various available facilities.

We need job opportunities in the Government sector as well as in the private sector. Different candidates should make us know how they shall be providing better job opportunities for India’s Youth.

Mobile Apps can be helpful in making Youth understand that how electing the right candidate will bring better job opportunities for them. We should vote for those who are really making the promise that if they are elected, they will be providing the best jobs for India’s Youth after the General Elections 2014.

Better Infrastructure

In India many people really get bored while travelling which is because of the traffic on the Indian roads. Even if lot of money is invested in improving infrastructure still there is lot more improvement needed.

Mainly Young people need to travel as they need to go to school, college or their job. If more flyovers, subways and better roads are built then definitely travelling will get easy.

Mobile Apps can be used in discussing about how better infrastructure can be built and who can do it. We have to motivate India’s Youth to vote for the candidate who shall bring in the best infrastructure facilities in India.

Vote for Better India

The main reason we want India’s Youth to vote is for bringing the change which the youth wants. It is Youth that can vote for the right candidate and bring the change in India. Through Mobile Apps we can motivate Youth about how their vote can make India better.

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