Contapp (Tech Review): The Business Tool Taking the App Store by Storm

This is an exciting article for anyone in business and those who take an interest in innovative technologies. The mobile app we have here is on its way to take the world by storm and it’s had a lot of positive publicity recently.

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8 Best Android Apps for Online Shopping in India (Android and iOS)

Are you looking for the best Android Apps for online shopping in India? Let me provide you with the solution by mentioning a list of top mobile apps for online shopping. Most of these Apps are available for Android as well as Apple iPhone. If you don’t have a smartphone, then you can use your … Read more

7 Useful Mobile Apps You Should Download

Best Useful Apps that you will find useful in life

With the introduction of the modern smartphones, more precisely, their app stores – nothing was the same anymore. Apps completely changed the way we interact with our mobile devices and the things we can do with them. Two decades ago, we could only make phone calls, text and maybe exchange emails, but now we can … Read more

WhatsApp Brings New Live Location Sharing Feature

Use Live Location Sharing feature in WhatsApp

We all love most of the WhatsApp’s features, and one of the latest features which is gaining popularity is the live location sharing feature. This new feature will be available not only for Android, but also for iOS. The wait won’t be very long, and you’ll be soon able to make use of this feature. … Read more