8 Best Android Apps for Online Shopping in India (Android and iOS)

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Are you looking for the best Android Apps for online shopping in India?

Let me provide you with the solution by mentioning a list of top mobile apps for online shopping. Most of these Apps are available for Android as well as Apple iPhone. If you don’t have a smartphone, then you can use your PC or laptop to visit the best online shopping sites.

Nowadays, people prefer online shopping as there are many advantages. Even online shopping has some cons, but the benefits are much more. If you have a smartphone, then you can install some of the best online shopping Apps and start shopping immediately. As Android smartphones are most popular in India, you’ll find that the best online shopping websites in India have a very good Android App.

Online shopping is booming and online shopping companies are trying to develop the best Android Apps to make customers happy.

Go through the online shopping Apps mentioned below, and also read some of the advantages of doing online shopping.

I definitely recommend you to make some purchases on some of the best online shopping websites, but at the same time, you should keep purchasing from the local stores regularly. Don’t do a comparison between online shopping sites and local stores, and just make a purchase as per your need.

Do note that this list is made as per the information available online, and some of my online shopping experiences. You can have a good experience or a bad experience with online shopping, and you should definitely share your experience with my blog readers.

Best Android and iOS Apps for Online shopping using a mobile

8 Best Apps for Online Shopping (Android and iOS)

1. Amazon India Online Shopping App

Amazon India is one of the most popular shopping sites in India.

Amazon’s Android App is really very impressive and very fast to use. You’ll find that it provides new notifications regularly and comes with the best features.

There are many products on which Amazon offers 100% purchase protection.

Good guarantee and warranty options, fast delivery, easy payment options, and option to get delivery faster make people prefer Amazon.

A wide category of products, which includes mobile phones, groceries, beauty products, etc makes Amazon one of the best sites for shopping. You should download Amazon App if you want to purchase the best product.

2. Flipkart App for Online Shopping

Flipkart is one of my most preferred mobile App to purchase a new mobile phone, a tablet, or a laptop.

It has a wide range of products, and I recently purchased a weight measuring machine from it.

Flipkart has a wide range of products, and you can search for any of the products easily using the “Search” option.

Easy tracking option, variety of payment options, option to add products to your wishlist, easy return option has made the Android App by Flipkart one of the best Android Apps in India.

One of the reasons that I choose to do shopping using Flipkart’s App is that it works very fast and I find that the price of the products is reasonable.

Download the Flipkart App to save your time and purchase the products of your choice.

3. Snapdeal App

Apart from Flipkart and Amazon, Snapdeal is yet another App that is installed on my smartphone.

You’ll find the products from the latest brands by making use of the Snapdeal App.

7 day easy returns, a good clothing section, payment protection, delivery updates, discount offers make people use this App for online shopping.

Snapdeal’s Android App is improving day by day and giving it a try may be worthwhile.

4. Paytm Mall – An Online Marketplace by a Payment App

Paytm is used by most of the people in India for recharging, receiving and sending payments, and much more.

Its online store Paytm Mall is getting a lot of popularity nowadays.

Discounts, deals, and cashback make people purchase products from Paytm Mall.

A wide range of electronics products, which includes mobile phones, accessories, pendrives, air conditioners, televisions, etc is making people use Paytm Mall along with the other top Android Apps available for online shopping.

You can compare the price of products before you make the decision to purchase from Paytm Mall.

I’ve already purchased a few fashion accessories and watches from Paytm Mall.

5. AJIO – A Popular Online Shop for Clothing

AJIO is a very good online store if you’re thinking to buy fashionable clothes online.

You’ll find the latest collection from the top brands on AJIO’s online shopping App.

Another reason to choose AJIO for buying clothes online is that it offers discounts on clothing, a free delivery option on a minimum purchase amount, a return option, and much more.

I recently tried out AJIO for purchasing a t-shirt and shorts, and I had a very good experience.

I would prefer to regularly purchase clothes for myself using AJIO’s Android App.

6. BigBasket for Buying Groceries Online

BigBasket is definitely one of the best Android Apps to buy vegetables, fruits, and groceries online.

A good thing about BigBasket is its 6 months membership.

By opting for BigBasket’s membership, you would be able to get a discount on different products, a free delivery option, a priority for delivery slots, and cashback of Rs 100 for the first three months.

While purchasing using the BigBasket App, you can choose to pay by cash, wallet or by your card. Easy payment options make BigBasket one of the most recommended online sites for purchasing groceries.

Currently, the pricing of the products is reasonable. I compared the pricing with some of the most popular offline grocery stores, and I found that BigBasket’s pricing is really good.

You can also compare the price of different products before you decide to purchase groceries online using BigBasket’s Android App.

The professional and friendly approach of the delivery guys could be an additional reason to try out the BigBasket App immediately.

7. Myntra for Clothes

If you want to purchase clothes online, then Myntra could be the best App for you.

It has got a wide variety of clothing range.

Some of the reasons to choose Myntra for purchasing clothes online are as follows:

  • Free delivery on first order.
  • Clothes for everyone.
  • New option of EMI.
  • Products from 2000+ brands.

I know some of my friends who purchase clothes online regularly, and they prefer Myntra over the other online shopping sites. They believe that clothes have good quality and the pricing is affordable.

8. TataCliq for Electronics

One of the sites that I’ve started using to purchase electronics is TataCliq.

TataCliq is having its Android App as well as an App for the iOS platform.

Fashion accessories, clothing, appliances, and various other products are available on TataCliq.

TataCliq may become one of the most popular online shopping sites in the future for purchasing electronics, and that’s why you should try out their mobile App immediately.

Do let me know about your experience with TataCliq.

Other Best Android and iOS Apps for Online Shopping in India

  1. Jabong.
  2. Shopclues.
  3. HomeShop18.
  4. Grofers.
  5. NatureBasket.
  6. OLX.
  7. Quikr.
  8. Pepperfry.
  9. Urban Ladder.
  10. eBay

Advantages of Doing Online Shopping on the Best Online Shopping Sites

Online Shopping on Mobile for Offers

1. Convenience to do Shopping from Home.

People are using the top Android Apps for online shopping as they can purchase from their home itself.

Online shopping helps in saving time and money, and that’s why some people like online shopping more in comparison to shopping from local stores or a mall.

The convenience to do shopping from home is advantageous to people who’re very busy with their lives and don’t get time to travel to shopping malls or a local store.

People from cities who don’t like to go out due to traffic are making use of mobile apps regularly.

2. Top Online Shopping Sites Offer Easy Payment Option.

One of the reasons to do online shopping using mobile Apps is that they allow making the payment using different ways.

You can pay by cash, wallet options like FreeCharge and Paytm, debit or credit card, etc.

The easy payment options will allow you to get the best online shopping experience without worrying about not being able to make the payment using the preferred payment mode.

3. Fast Delivery option along with the Free Delivery option.

Online shopping sites offer free delivery and fast delivery option.

Save your money by opting for the free delivery option.

4. Return and Warranty.

Most of the online shopping sites give the option of exchanging the product or even the option to get the paid amount back.

It is necessary that you check the terms and conditions before you purchase any product online.

The option of exchange or refund may not be available on each and every product, and hence you need to purchase the right product for yourself.

Reading online reviews would help you to select the best product for yourself.

If you’re going to purchase a smartphone for yourself, then you should check out my posts and reviews of different smartphones, so that you can make the right decision.

Companies and brands also give you the option to return the option or get it repaired if it doesn’t work properly during the warranty period.

5. Wide variety of Products listed by Online Shopping Sites

One of the reasons making people prefer online shopping is that online shops have a wide variety of products available.

More number of products in comparison to some of the offline stores make people go through online shopping Apps on their smartphones.

As online stores are easily able to offer the maximum number of products to customers, they are gaining more popularity day by day.

Conclusion – Use the Top Android Apps to Have the Best Shopping Experience

Mobile Apps have been very useful for consumers. Technology is helping people to shop online and save money.

People can now enjoy the best online shopping experience by installing some of the best Apps on their smartphone.

Which mobile app you’re going to use for online shopping? Do let me know the Android Apps that you’ve already installed for purchasing different products online.

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