Daily Yoga Android App Review : The Best App for Yoga?

If you love to do Yoga then you should know about Daily Yoga Android App. This App is one of the special Apps for Yoga lovers. IMOBLIFE Co Ltd has bought this Daily Yoga App for those who love to do Yoga but don’t know how to get started with it, or how they can really lose weight just by doing Yoga regularly. Daily Yoga App downloaded by more than 10,000 people at Google Play Store is definitely one of the best Apps as it provides the best videos and comes with best voice guide. You should definitely read this review if you want a good Yoga App for your mobile phone. Check the review to know that how Daily Yoga Android App will help you in getting more fit.

This App is compatible for smartphones as well as tablets. This App leaves a very good first impression in the mind of many people, and that’s why it has got very good rating which is 4.1/5 at Google Play Store.

Daily Yoga App Review The Best Yoga App

Without a good Yoga coaching program you may not be able to accomplish your goal of losing weight or getting more fit just by doing Yoga daily. You need to go through difference type of Yoga sessions regularly if you want to really get the benefits out of Yoga. This App is a complete coaching guide and provides different type of Yoga sessions especially for you.

Best Things about Daily Yoga

Daily Yoga doesn’t only offer voice guide but there are very clear videos too also available for you. You won’t get confused while doing Yoga if you follow the guidelines provided by this App which is because of the reason that you will get to know Yoga programs for different parts of your body. Yoga for Legs, Waist, Chest, Abs etc and many different types of Yoga programs you will be able to do after you get this App.

HD videos are very clear and prove to be very useful. This App gives you the option to choose between 3 different Yoga intensities which are casual, moderate and intense. According to your level you can choose the intensity level for yourself. When I made the choice of going for intense session I got to know that it is of 20 minutes, while the casual session is only of 10 minutes. If you have more time and doing Yoga from a long period then definitely you should go for intense session. If you are a beginner then try to go for the casual session.

Background music is another useful and interesting feature of this App. You won’t get bored while doing Yoga because of these 18 different background music.

You will be able to take part in Yoga Forum, and leave your views about particular things related to Yoga. You can also chat with your Yoga friends using Daily Yoga App.

Why to trust this App?

This App has generated lot of trust among the Yoga lovers. The contents provided for this App is by Yoga professionals having more than 10 years experience. According to me, experience in Yoga matters a lot and that’s why this App has proved to be beneficial.

Download Daily Yoga App now and start doing Yoga to feel better and living a healthy lifestyle. This App when available in your smartphone will keep reminding you that you need to do Yoga daily. As the name of the App is ‘Daily Yoga’ it suggests that how useful doing Yoga daily can be for anyone. There are many other Yoga Apps too available at Play Store, but this is the App which is getting more popular and proving useful than some other Apps. Did you download this App? Have you started doing Yoga by making use of this App?