Contapp (Tech Review): The Business Tool Taking the App Store by Storm

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This is an exciting article for anyone in business and those who take an interest in innovative technologies. The mobile app we have here is on its way to take the world by storm and it’s had a lot of positive publicity recently.

Contapp Review - Best App to Scan Business Cards

I am here today with a brand new review for you and this has really got me excited. As always, I would never review anything I would not use myself, so after much research and personal use, I decided it was time to write this article. What if I told you there’s a mobile app that would help you maximize potential business opportunities, whilst doing your bit to help save the planet? Fortunately for myself and all of you, that app does exist and it is called Contapp.

About Contapp

Contapp is a bootstrapped tech startup that is based in the UK and launched in the app stores in February 2020. It’s a smarter and more convenient way of digitally managing & utilizing business cards, whilst helping reduce paper waste globally.

Contapp a new Startup by the Founder

What makes this innovative tech startup so special is that it has grown completely organically, with no outside investment and no paid marketing. Contapp’s exciting They now have active users in all 4 corners of the world, with the most users being from the UK, USA, and India.

The Feature-Rich Business App

So, what does the app do apart from making your life easier and helping save the planet from paper waste? 

Well, it’s simple. The Contapp business tool removes all the headaches and inconvenience of printed business cards and allows you to manage them digitally, with a very user-friendly interface. Think of it as your own personal PR assistant.

Luckily for you, there are even features within the Contapp mobile app, but these are our highlighted features. If you want to discover all the features, download the Contapp app for free in the app stores today or check out their website.

Your Own Digital Business Card

The first thing you need to do when you download the app for free is to create your own card. This can be done by scanning your existing paper business card or manually if you don’t have a business card already, saving you money on print and design straight away.

Unlike printed business cards, you can add some key information to your business card. For example, you can add a profile picture, social media links, notes, industry, and more

Transform Printed Business Cards into Digital Profiles

This new modern-day app allows you to digitally scan the business card, saving and storing it on the app itself. It’s kind of like a phone contact list, but for business cards with lots of extra added value. You can then contactless share them with your friends, clients, and employees with a simple swipe. 

Instant Contacting

One major advantage Contapp has compared to conventional business cards is the ability to contact people straight from their business card. With printed business cards, you have to manually type in their phone number or email address. However, with this slick business tool, all it takes is a simple tap of their contact details.

This is a massive time saver and it demonstrates how easy it is to use Contapp for business, compared to traditional business cards. Especially good for people who are working whilst on the go, that doesn’t have the time to manually process data.

Interactive Library: Intelligent Search & Filter Functions

Finding specific business cards from your huge collection is incredibly simple with Contapp. You can locate a specific business card on the app by simply searching keywords or using the filter feature in the interactive library. Easy to manage and very organized, perfect for searching whilst you’re on the go. 

If you want to be even more organized, you’re able to create custom groups for your business cards as well. This is a good feature to have if you wanted to categorize your contacts for whatever reason.

The simplicity of this free business tool is what caught my attention because there are so many out there that just burn your brain. Too complex, too complicated, and just too damn hard to navigate through, but not with this app. It actually makes managing your business cards a bit more fun with Contapps cool UI/UX.  

Save Location Feature

Now, this feature is what really drew me in. Have you ever forgotten where you met the person who handed you a business card? The Save Location feature is very unique and incredibly useful, especially if you’re going to a lot of networking events. 

When you scan someone’s card, the app automatically populates all the information from that card and places it into a digital profile. If you then click the ‘Save Location’ button at the bottom, the clever app will remind you of the exact location of where you received the card. 

This cool feature is integrated with Google Maps, so you’ll be able to exactly pinpoint where you both met. Meaning any confusion or disorganization can be corrected. Cool right?

Contactless Sharing Business Cards

With the impact of COVID, no one wants to be handing out or receiving paper business cards anymore. The share card option here is to send or receive cards via the in-built sharing system which is proximity technology. Similar technology to Apple’s AirDrop. 

If you wish to share the card socially with people that do not have Contapp installed, you can send business cards via various methods such as messaging platforms, email, social media platforms, and more.

Import/Export Library

This is a great feature to keep in mind if you want your list of business cards for your desktop. This feature allows you to backup your library or a particular group and export it as a CSV file. 

You can also import the CSV file back into the Contapp app. This is good to keep in mind if you wanted to make changes on the desktop, then import the information back into Contapp. Then all the changes would be saved into Contapp. 

It’s also the best option for someone who received a business card from you via social sharing, to then import the file into Contapp. This will automatically save your business card into their library. I have been told that this feature will be more streamlined in their next app update.

More Reasons to Choose Contapp

This solves a very important issue of business cards getting lost or damaged. But there are a few more advantages of using Contapp:

  • User-friendly interface and innovative features
  • The easiest way to manage business cards in today’s digital world
  • Customer-centric tech startup with a friendly feel
  • Very easy to navigate through the app
  • Doing your part to reduce paper waste globally
  • Save money. Save the planet. Save time.
  • The business card can’t be lost or damaged
  • Hygenic way of exchanging and managing business cards
  • Maximizing the use of business cards and information
  • It helps you save the location where you first met the contact
  • No limits on your business card – unlimited space, using no paper
  • Networking opportunities increase as you can save the social media details
  • The app is continuously being improved with new features and integrations

How Contapp Contributes to Saving the Planet?
Download Contapp for Android or iOS As Contapp has mentioned before, providing added value to their users and reducing paper waste in business, are both at the forefront of everything they do. 

This business tool completely overrides the idea of paper business cards. Contapp is 0% paper and 100% sustainable. Saving you time, money, and the environment, whilst boosting convenience and productivity. What’s there not to love about it?

Did you know that 88% of the 10 billion business cards printed each year are thrown away after just 1 week? Are the alarm bells ringing yet? That means that potential business is being flushed down the drain, as well as the paper waste generated, which is extremely concerning.

Contapp has offered everyone an easier way of doing business through its free app that acts essentially like a business card manager and a business card. It becomes your personal business hub.

We only have one planet so we must do everything we can to protect it together.

Is Contapp Safe to Use?

Yes, the Contapp team takes user data and security as a priority at all times, which makes this app extremely secure from a user’s point of view. It has an SSL certificate and they have also said that they will not share user’s personal data with third-party companies, ever. 

In upcoming app updates, more safety measures and features will be introduced for users’ peace of mind, such as stringent sign-in methods and extended safety precautions in their backend systems.

The Future of Contapp

Contapp App Update (Coming Soon – Estimated Q1 2021)

They have announced that their innovative team has been working tirelessly for the past few months on their biggest and most innovative, feature-rich app update yet. This will include unique security features, cloud-based technology, design improvements, streamlined integrations, and lots more features to bring our users added value.

All will be revealed soon, just keep a very close eye on their social media pages where you can keep up to date on new releases. Follow them on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram today.

Contapp CRM (Coming Soon Estimated Q4 2021)

Something to really get your senses tingling if you own a business or a startup. Not only is there a major app update coming for the Contapp app that will take their platform to the next level, but they’re also building something special in the background. Yes, it really looks like a game-changer. 

The Contapp team will be planning the build for an affordable, streamlined CRM platform that will include powerful integrations from leading software companies. This custom CRM platform will be mainly aimed at Startups & SME’s, with planning to start after the new Contapp app update launches. 

My Overall Rating and Review of Contapp

As always when I review something, I like to give it a rating. Based on the simplicity, user-friendliness, and convenience factor, I have to rate it 5-stars

It’s a very appealing app to use and I love the concept behind the startup, plus what it has in store for future updates. Their roadmap looks very exciting and I can’t wait to see how the platform will evolve over time. 

If you’re in business, this is a must-have mobile app, especially as it’s free to download in the app stores as well. Using Contapp means you’ll be doing your part to tackle environmental issues such as reducing paper waste too, which is very important.

Honestly, I can see the app becoming a huge success and an important business tool in the modern-day. No wonder it has been rated 5-stars across both app stores with gleaming reviews from people all over the world! 

I think Contapp has done very well as a bootstrapped tech startup that has grown completely organically since launching. The team seems to know what they’re trying to achieve by using user feedback to develop the platform further. The future looks bright for Contapp and its users.

Download Contapp Today

Reasons to Use Mobile App for Business Cards

If you’re reading this, I suggest you check out Contapp in the App Stores and join Contapp’s journey as a tech startup that’s doing so much for business and the planet. Show your support, download the app, and share it with your friends & colleagues.

You can download Contapp for free in the Apple App Store & Google Play Store below:

Do share your experience with this amazing App for businesses. Also, share some of the other business apps that you use on your Android smartphone.

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