5 Best Android Applications for Cricket Lovers

Are you looking for the best Android Apps for cricket? Are you interested in knowing live cricket news, taking part in cricket contests, etc? Note – This blog post was published in 2012. Re-published with some improvements. If you want us to do a partnership and include your new Cricket App, then kindly send me … Read more

Contapp (Tech Review): The Business Tool Taking the App Store by Storm

This is an exciting article for anyone in business and those who take an interest in innovative technologies. The mobile app we have here is on its way to take the world by storm and it’s had a lot of positive publicity recently.

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8 Best Android Apps for Online Shopping in India (Android and iOS)

Are you looking for the best Android Apps for online shopping in India? Let me provide you with the solution by mentioning a list of top mobile apps for online shopping. Most of these Apps are available for Android as well as Apple iPhone. If you don’t have a smartphone, then you can use your … Read more

Paytm Mini App Store Launched in India: What to Expect?

Paytm Android Apps Mini Store

The latest special news and announcement which has made many App developers happy in India is the launch of the “Paytm Mini App Store”. Firstly, you should understand the concept of the Mini App store. It is different from an Android App store. Mini Apps are custom-built mobile websites and users can directly access them … Read more