Paytm Mini App Store Launched in India: What to Expect?

Paytm Android Apps Mini Store

The latest special news and announcement which has made many App developers happy in India is the launch of the “Paytm Mini App Store”. Firstly, you should understand the concept of the Mini App store. It is different from an Android App store. Mini Apps are custom-built mobile websites and users can directly access them … Read more

Just 6 Weeks App Review : Build Body In Few Weeks

Just Six Android App For Building Perfect Body

Building a good body in a short period can be very difficult. You must have tried various ways for getting in good shape but you may have failed in your goal of building body in few weeks. Don’t think that building body in few weeks is impossible.

It is the Android App Just 6 Weeks Lite which will help you in building a perfect body in few weeks. There may be no need to refer many books if you follow this Android App for building perfect body.

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Plume for Twitter – Best Twitter Client for Android

Plume - Best Twitter Client for Android

These days most of the people who love social media sites, give good time tweeting and seeing what others are tweeting about. If you are a very big Twitter fan, you will definitely need a best Twitter client for your Android smartphone. Plume for Twitter is a very well known and popular Twitter client for Android now. I too myself love Plume and that’s why I will too recommend you all to use it whenever you want to spend your important time on Twitter.

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5 Best Android Apps for Students


There are many Android Apps which are very useful for students and that’s why we thought to provide you information related to such useful Android Apps for students. In this post we are mentioning 5 very useful Apps for those students who give lot of important to their studies. You should definitely have all such Android Apps on your Android smartphone as you will get lot of help in your studies if you use such Android Apps.

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