Best Nokia Mobile Phones in Rs 5,000

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We all love Nokia mobile phones as they are affordable as well as they have really good quality. If your budget is Rs 5,000 only then too you can buy a good Nokia mobile phone. In this post I am mentioning 4 different Nokia mobile phones which will be affordable for you. Even if there are few Android smartphones available you may choose to go for Nokia mobile phones as even if they are not Android, they have good quality and good features. Go through this post to know the best Nokia mobile phones in Rs 5,000.

I will be now mentioning the display screen size, camera features, price and much more about few low budget Nokia mobile phones. In this post I am only mentioning Nokia mobile phones as I think that spending money on any Nokia mobile phone is very worthy. I had bought Nokia 6233 more than 5 years back and it is working now too.

1. Nokia Asha 210

Nokia Asha 210 with Qwerty Keypad within Rs 5,000


Nokia Asha 210 has a 2.4 inch display screen. This mobile is not having a touchscreen as it has QWERTY keypad. Asha 210 is a Dual Sim mobile which works on Nokia Series 40 operating system.

2 megapixel camera is provided in this mobile. There is no front camera. You can take your own picture very easily as camera comes with Self-Portrait feature.

You will find a FM radio and GPRS feature available in Asha 210. External memory up to 32GB is available with Asha 210.

Buy Now Nokia Asha 210 from Flipkart at Price Rs 4,499

This mobile is even available in Cyan and White colors. The only difference is the price. You will need to pay Rs 4,700 if you want to buy Nokia Asha 210 in white or Cyan color.

2. Nokia 206 – Popular Dual Sim Mobile

Buy Nokia 206 and save money


This mobile also has 2.4 inch screen and good keypad. Sending messages faster will be possible as the keypad seems to be very easy to use.

1.3 megapixel camera is available with this very affordable mobile phone. The camera comes with 4x digital Zoom feature. Internal memory is 64MB only but you can get external memory up to 32GB.

Buy Nokia 206 from Flipkart at Price Rs 3,759

3. Nokia Asha 502

Nokia Asha 502 with 5 megapixel camera in Rs5,000

One of the best options in this price range is Nokia Asha 502. This Asha mobile phone comes with 3 inch LCD touchscreen. People even if wanting to spend less want a mobile phone which has touchscreen. Most of the people nowadays prefer touchscreen and there are very few who prefer mobile with keypad.

This Dual Sim mobile is the best within the price of Rs 5,000 because it also has Wi-Fi and 5 megapixel camera. There are few mobile phones within this price which come with such a good camera. The camera provided in Asha 502 also had LED flash.

Buy Nokia Asha 502(Black) at Rs 4,602 from Flipkart

Asha 502 also comes in white, Bright Red and Yellow versions. There is a good difference in price and that’s why the black colored Nokia Asha 502 is the best option. For the other color versions you will have to spend around Rs 1,000 more.

4. Nokia Asha 310

Best Asha Series Mobile in Rs 4,000


I myself like Nokia Asha 310 especially because it has superb design and look. I feel that it looks very classic and different from many other mobile phones available in this budget.

The touchscreen is better than the other mobile phones which I have mentioned in this post. It’s a touchscreen of 3 inch size having good resolution.

This also is a Dual sim Asha series mobile phone. Not only the design is one of the pros of this mobile but there is availability of Wi-Fi too.

Buy Nokia Asha 310 from Flipkart at Price Rs 4,099 

Asha 310 is available also in white and Gold color too. For all those who love to stay in touch with friends then this mobile is really a good one. It comes with pre-installed Apps which are Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo Mail and much more. 1100 mAh battery can give you talktime up to 17 hours.


I hope that you liked the 5 affordable Nokia mobile phones mentioned by me in this post. In this year 2014 we may definitely see many more affordable mobile phones getting launched by Nokia. If you are also a Nokia fan then definitely I hope to see your comment. If your budget is much above Rs 5,000 then definitely you can check out Lumia series mobile phones by Nokia.

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