WhatsApp Brings New Live Location Sharing Feature

Use Live Location Sharing feature in WhatsApp

We all love most of the WhatsApp’s features, and one of the latest features which is gaining popularity is the live location sharing feature. This new feature will be available not only for Android, but also for iOS. The wait won’t be very long, and you’ll be soon able to make use of this feature. … Read more

7 Best WhatsApp Tips and Tricks Which are Very Useful

Best WhatsApp Tips and Tricks which Everyone Should Know

There are many useful WhatsApp tips and tricks which have to gain a lot of popularity. As WhatsApp users have kept on increasing, the number of tips and tricks have also increased. Even if many other new messaging Apps are now available for Android and iOS, WhatsApp is still the most preferred messaging App for most people. These tricks and tips include the changes that one can do in Settings, information about Apps available for improving WhatsApp experience, and some other best tips and tricks.

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