How to Transfer Pictures from Memory Card to Computer?

How to transfer pictures from Memory card to computer?

If you have a lot of pictures on your mobile’s memory card, then definitely you may be looking to transfer many of them to your personal computer. Transferring pictures from your mobile’s memory card to the computer will clean up the space on your memory card as well as it will help in easily sharing … Read more

Now Backup WhatsApp Chats to Google Drive: How to Do It?

Use Backup Frequency to automatically backup WhatsApp Chats

Finally, the amazing new feature has now been provided to WhatsApp. It is the most used mobile messaging App not only in India but also worldwide. People often want to keep a backup of their chats. Understanding this requirement, now WhatsApp chats can be backed up to Google Drive. I think that it is going to be a very useful feature for all those who keep changing their smartphone every six months or every year. This post shall make you understand why this feature is going to be useful and you shall also be able to know the way to easily backup your WhatsApp chats to your Google Drive account.

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How to Improve Your Android Smartphone’s Security?

Tips for Android Smartphones Security

Still worried about your Android smartphone’s security and privacy? Nowadays everyone uses a smartphone for different purposes, and some now even use it for sending business e-mails, documents etc. Security is definitely the most important aspect for those who don’t want their important details to be accessed by anyone else. Android smartphone’s security can be improved by making use of some useful tips and by installing some Android security Apps. We give time for installing security softwares on desktop or laptop, but forget that we need to think about smartphone’s security too.

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7 Best WhatsApp Tips and Tricks Which are Very Useful

Best WhatsApp Tips and Tricks which Everyone Should Know

There are many useful WhatsApp tips and tricks which have to gain a lot of popularity. As WhatsApp users have kept on increasing, the number of tips and tricks have also increased. Even if many other new messaging Apps are now available for Android and iOS, WhatsApp is still the most preferred messaging App for most people. These tricks and tips include the changes that one can do in Settings, information about Apps available for improving WhatsApp experience, and some other best tips and tricks.

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