How to Improve Your Android Smartphone’s Security?

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Still worried about your Android smartphone’s security and privacy? Nowadays everyone uses a smartphone for different purposes, and some now even use it for sending business e-mails, documents etc. Security is definitely the most important aspect for those who don’t want their important details to be accessed by anyone else. Android smartphone’s security can be improved by making use of some useful tips and by installing some Android security Apps. We give time for installing security softwares on desktop or laptop, but forget that we need to think about smartphone’s security too.

Here are the Best tips for Improving your Smartphone’s Security.

Tips for Android Smartphones Security

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1. Download Operating System Updates Regularly

One of the mistakes which smartphone users make because of lack of time and to save data connectivity expense is that they don’t download new OS updates regularly. You should try to install operation system updates regularly as that will make your smartphone become more secured. If you won’t install new updates, then it is quite possible that your smartphone may get vulnerable to new smartphone security threats.

Not only Android users, but also iPhone users should also download operating system updates as and when they are available.

2. Turn Off Bluetooth and GPS

You may have paired your smartphone with other smartphone to transfer files using Bluetooth. A mistake you may be making is that you have not switched off the Bluetooth connectivity. You should immediately turn off your smartphone’s Bluetooth and at the same time avoid making the same mistake again.

Other important thing that you need to do is that you should try to turn off GPS when you’re not using it.

3. Make Use of Screen Lock Feature

Why let anyone access your smartphone? Screen lock your smartphone by making use of a password, PIN number or finger print so that your smartphone won’t be accessed by anyone else. Many times we leave our smartphone at a particular place, and that’s why making use of the screen lock feature is very much necessary.

4. Install a Good Antivirus in Your Smartphone

Like the way you make use of an Antivirus for your desktop, it is important that you should also install an Antivirus for your smartphone. AVG Antivirus is one of the most popular free Antivirus for smartphones, and it may definitely improve your smartphone’s security. If you’re worried about securing your smartphone properly, then you can go for a paid Antivirus.

Many good free and paid Antivirus are available for Android smartphones, iPhone, Windows smartphones etc. You should just make sure that you keep scanning your smartphone regularly.

5. Try to Download Apps from Google Play Store Only

The most important thing which smartphone users should do is that they should download games and Apps from approved sources only. Google Play Store is the approved store for downloading games and Apps for an Android smartphone. I’ll recommend you to never download Apps from any other source other than Google Play Store.

If you’re making use of an Apple iPhone, then you should try to download Apps from Apple App store only. Downloading Apps from other unapproved sources may make your smartphone vulnerable to virus, malware and other security threats.

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6. Checking Apps Permissions is an Important Thing

If you’re not checking Apps Permissions that some Apps are asking for, then you’re definitely making a security mistake. If a simple App is asking you permission to access your contacts or images, then you should definitely think that what could be the reason.

7. Download Android Security Apps

Making an Android smartphone become completely secured is not an easy task, but some of the Android security Apps can definitely be useful. You should try to go for the paid security Apps developed by popular developers. By making use of some of the popular security Apps available for your OS, you’ll be able to make your smartphone become completely secured.

8. Avoid Using Public Wi-Fi HotSpot

Smartphone security threats are increasing, and that’s why one should try to avoid to make use of Public Wi-Fi Hotspot as much as possible. It is quite possible that the activities which you may do while your smartphone is connected to a Public Wi-Fi Hotspot may get traced by someone. It is that’s why important that you should only make use of a secured Public Wi-Fi Hotspot, and that too with utmost care.

9. Don’t Click on UnKnown Links

One of the mistakes which many smartphone and desktop users also do is that they click on unknown links. If you receive any unknown link through a SMS or an email, you should never click on it. It can be quite possible that a software containing virus or some other security threat problem may immediately happen just after clicking on an unknown link.

10. Avoid Rooting Your Android Mobile Phone

One of the mistakes which many Android users are doing is that they are rooting their smartphone just for accessing the read-only files. There may be many advantages of rooting, but at the same time there are many disadvantages of rooting. One of the disadvantages of rooting is that it bring security risks for a smartphone user.

Once your smartphone is rooted, it may become more vulnerable to virus as well as malware.

Only a person who is expert and has complete knowledge should think about rooting an Android smartphone. If you really care about your smartphone’s security, then you should definitely avoid rooting your smartphone.

Important Tip for Android Smartphone’s Security

Last, but an important thing which you should definitely do is that you should backup your smartphone’s data regularly. It is quite possible that you may lose your smartphone data anytime, and that’s why having a backup can definitely be very useful.

I hope that you’ll now give importance to your smartphone’s security as you may never want to go through smartphone security issues. With time, there may come more amazing ways for making Android, Apple and Windows smartphones become completely secured. For coping up with the new smartphone security threats, one definitely needs to gain more knowledge related to smartphone’s security. Do you think that smartphone’s security is very important? Which Android App you’ve installed for making your smartphone become secured?

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