5 Main Reasons Making People Root Android Smartphone

Main Reasons to Root Your Android Smartphone


Even if rooting is risky and it can damage the smartphone, there are people who always think to root every new Android smartphone which they are purchasing. Definitely there are some main reasons which makes people root their smartphone. Rooting can void the warranty and brick the Android smartphone. A small mistake may make you suffer loss as your Android smartphone may totally stop working. 

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Xolo Q1010 – Another Android Smartphone Within Budget Rs 15,000

Xolo Q1010 good smartphone within Rs 15000

[ad#ad-1] These days people love to buy smartphones which are priced not very high(that is not more than Rs 15,000) and come with good features. Even after knowing the features of Moto G you may have not bought it and that’s why you should check another good smartphone. Xolo Q1010 comes in the same price … Read more

5 Reasons Making People Attracted to Buy Moto G

Moto G LTE Variant with microSD card slot

[ad#ad-1] Moto G has become the best smartphone for all those people who have budget around Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000. If you have checked out the Moto G features you must be definitely knowing how amazing features Moto G has. In this post I will let you know the reasons making people Buy Moto … Read more

Ways to Inspire India’s Youth to Vote Using Mobile Apps

Inspire Youth to Vote with WeChat and Other Mobile Apps

General Elections 2014 is coming and it is very necessary that India’s Youth should vote. Many Young people feel that why they should vote and what will be the benefits if they go to vote. Social Mobile Apps like WeChat can definitely be helpful in inspiring India’s Youth to vote. This blog post is written by me … Read more