Ways to Inspire India’s Youth to Vote Using Mobile Apps

Inspire Youth to Vote with WeChat and Other Mobile Apps

General Elections 2014 is coming and it is very necessary that India’s Youth should vote. Many Young people feel that why they should vote and what will be the benefits if they go to vote. Social Mobile Apps like WeChat can definitely be helpful in inspiring India’s Youth to vote. This blog post is written by me … Read more

Competition Between WhatsApp and WeChat Increasing

Competition between WhatsApp and WeChat

[ad#ad-2] Already all the Android and iOS users must have installed many good Chat Apps on their smartphone. You must have already read my post regarding WhatsApp and WeChat. WhatsApp has lot more users than WeChat according to me as it got available much before WeChat. After the release of WeChat, many people have started … Read more

WeChat- Good Android Application for texting and voice messaging


WeChat is one of the popular getting Android Applications. If you like to text or voice message your friends then definitely you must try out WeChat on your Android smartphone.  You may be hearing about WeChat for the first time but if you have been trying other Apps for text messaging you may like to try out WeChat too.

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