WhatsApp Brings New Live Location Sharing Feature

Use Live Location Sharing feature in WhatsApp

We all love most of the WhatsApp’s features, and one of the latest features which is gaining popularity is the live location sharing feature. This new feature will be available not only for Android, but also for iOS. The wait won’t be very long, and you’ll be soon able to make use of this feature. … Read more

New Privacy Features Available on WhatsApp for Android

Privacy Features for WhatsApp


Everyone loves to chat on WhatsApp. We all know that how useful App WhatsApp is for all of us. The only thing which was missing is the availability of privacy features. Now as Facebook has acquired WhatsApp, finally privacy features have been released for WhatsApp and now this should bring many more users for WhatsApp.

You should now check out which are the new privacy features available for WhatsApp on Android and you should also check out the way to make use of all these privacy features.

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Facebook Buys WhatsApp : Why It is the Biggest Deal?

Facebook Buys WhatsApp - why is it big deal?

[ad#ad-1] Heard this news already? You may have heard the news that Facebook has decided to Buy WhatsApp but did you understand that why it is a very big deal? In this post I will make you know the reasons which has made this deal one of the most popular and biggest news. My all … Read more

Competition Between WhatsApp and WeChat Increasing

Competition between WhatsApp and WeChat

[ad#ad-2] Already all the Android and iOS users must have installed many good Chat Apps on their smartphone. You must have already read my post regarding WhatsApp and WeChat. WhatsApp has lot more users than WeChat according to me as it got available much before WeChat. After the release of WeChat, many people have started … Read more