8 Best Android Launchers Available for Free at Google Play Store

Fast APUS Launcher for Android Smartphones


If you want to give your Android smartphone’s screen a new look and want to get very good experience, then you definitely need to try out one of the best free Android launchers. You may get bored with the experience that your smartphone is providing you if you haven’t installed an Android launcher. At Google Play Store, free Android launchers as well as the paid launchers are available. Most of the people having an Android smartphone make use of the top Android launchers as launchers help people in getting better user experience. In this post you shall be able to know features of the 8 best Android launchers which have been downloaded by many people from Google Play Store and that’s why they are very popular.

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7 Best WhatsApp Tips and Tricks Which are Very Useful

Best WhatsApp Tips and Tricks which Everyone Should Know

There are many useful WhatsApp tips and tricks which have to gain a lot of popularity. As WhatsApp users have kept on increasing, the number of tips and tricks have also increased. Even if many other new messaging Apps are now available for Android and iOS, WhatsApp is still the most preferred messaging App for most people. These tricks and tips include the changes that one can do in Settings, information about Apps available for improving WhatsApp experience, and some other best tips and tricks.

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HOOQ Video-on-Demand Service : Know Why to Subscribe for It

HOOQ Subscription Price, Benefits etc

At an event in Mumbai, we got to know about what is HOOQ and the benefits which people will get by making use of HOOQ. It is a joint venture between Singtel, Sony Pictures Television and Warner Bros. If you love to watch movies, shows etc, then HOOQ will definitely make you happy. 15000 International and Local titles is what HOOQ offers. With time, more entertaining and latest stuff may definitely get added to HOOQ. You’ll be able to know everything about HOOQ by reading this post of mine.

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4 Best Selfie Apps for Android Smartphones (Beautify Photos)

Best Selfie Android Apps for Effects and Editing

Want to take best selfies using your Android smartphone? There are many good selfie Apps available for Android and these Apps will help you in taking best selfies as well as some of them will be useful for editing the selfies which you have already taken. As I found that many people nowadays look for selfie Apps so that they can beautify their selfies by adding different effects, I immediately decided to list out the best selfie Apps. In this post you’ll be able to know 4 best selfie Apps for Android which are very useful and these Apps are very popular at Google Play Store. Some of these Apps may be even available for iOS devices like iPhone, iPad etc. 

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