5 Most Popular Android Applications : Check Them out

Are you using an Android smartphone? If you use any Android smartphone and looking forward to have the best Android apps then you should go through these 5 apps which I am mentioning in this post. You may be already having apps on your Android smartphone for connecting to social sites like Facebook and Twitter on your mobile phone but here I am going to mention about other Android apps which most of the Android smartphones users love to use regularly.

1.  Evernote – One of the very popular Android apps is Evernote as it is the app which does many different tasks for an Android smartphone user. From taking notes to recording voice reminders Evernote does many such different things very easily for you. If you forget to do important things then you can also create to do lists by using Evernote app on your Android smartphone. Evernote is been used by lot of people globally as it helps them in making note of things faster on their smartphone.

2.  Auto Call Recorder – Are you looking to record calls from any particular number on your Android smartphone? For recording calls from any number you will need to download Auto Call Recorder app on your Android smartphone. With this Android app which is Auto Call Recorder you will be able to record and play the calls which you have recorded on your Android smartphone.

Sometimes recording some calls may be important for us, and that’s why having this App for recording calls can become very beneficial.

Most Popular Android Apps

3. WhatsApp Messenger – If you are a social networking freak then definitely you should also have WhatsApp Messenger on your Android smartphone. Now you can chat with your friends who are using Android smartphone, iPhone, Windows mobile phone  or Nokia mobile phone easily using WhatsApp Messenger. You may not be knowing that WhatsApp Messenger is free to use for first year but from second year you will have to pay a very small charge which is 0.99$ per year for using WhatsApp Messenger.

WhatsApp is the most used messenger globally as it can be used on most of the mobile phones. It has got the most number of users and it easily beats most of the other mobile messaging Apps.

4. nexGTv – An another very useful Android app is nexGTv. You can now view various TV channels on your mobile phone by using this Android app nexGTv. You also get the features like replay TV and choosing any video on demand with this Android app nexGTv. This is a very popular Android app and one of my friend loves to use nexGTv regularly on his Android smartphone.

Already nexGTv has helped many people in watching many live channels on their smartphone itself. If you don’t want to miss out on watching tv serials, cricket matches and much more then downloading nexGTv should be very crucial for you.

5. Pocket – Do you often miss reading a very interesting article online or viewing a interesting video which you come across just because you have less time then you should use the Android app which is Pocket. Now with Pocket you can save the articles, videos or any other thing which you come across while browsing the internet on your mobile phone. Pocket is very useful because even when you don’t have any internet connection you can view your saved articles and videos.

I am myself using these apps and really speaking they are the best one and everyone should have them. After giving information on 5 Best Android apps for Cricket fans on GetMobilefun, I thought to write about these Android apps as I see my friends using them daily for various purposes. If you are doing any Business then you should also know the  3 Best Android apps of Business category about which I had already posted some days back.

I will love to get the feedback from you regarding which Android app you like the most and will look forward to provide you information on more very useful and popular Android apps. You may be thinking that why these Applications are popular but it is because of the reason that they are very useful and some people think that they use such popular Android Apps daily.

Even if you don’t need many Android Applications on your Android smartphone you shouldn’t miss on having such popular Android Apps on your smartphone.

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