Hike Instant Messaging App for staying connected with friends

Hike is one of the top downloaded Apps these days and may be the reason is that people want a new Instant messenger on their smartphone. Hike by Bharti SoftBank is really a good App and you can definitely download it if you are looking to stay connected with your friends. Lets have a look that which things may make you attracted to start using Hike on your Android or any other smartphone.

If you are already using whatsapp and now looking to get another instant messaging App then Hike may be the right choice for you. You can definitely find your friends who are using Hike easily if you have their number and they have download Hike on their mobile phone. Using Hike you can easily share photos, videos and much more with your friends who are using Hike. You can also do group chat with your friends using Hike.

Hike gives option to send 100 free sms every month and this feature of Hike makes many love Hike as they can send sms anywhere in India for free which is possible by using Hike. You can also invite your best friends to start using Hike by sending a sms invitation and they may soon download Hike on their smartphone. By sharing your location on Hike you can make your friends know where you are actually located.

If you are using any Android smartphone then you can download Hike from Google Play Store. I must definitely say that as Hike as started getting popular it may soon get downloaded by many friends of you who are using any Android smartphone or any other smartphone on which they can download Hike.