WhatsApp – App which everyone loves to use

WhatsApp is the App which many are already using and you should also use WhatsApp. I had already mentioned about WhatsApp in my previous post 5 Very Popular Android Apps but now as I have also started using it, I that’s why thought to write detail info about WhatsApp. If you are not using WhatsApp now then after reading this post which talks about the features of WhatsApp, you will also start using WhatsApp.

Chat with all your friends

With WhatsApp you can chat with all your friends who are using WhatsApp. Unlike other social networking apps there is no need for you to add each and every friend as if you have the mobile number of your friend WhatsApp will automatically add them. Many friends of mine don’t spend money in sending sms just because they stay connected with each other using WhatsApp. You also get the option to Block users by which you can block those WhatsApp users who are unknown to you or with whom you don’t want to talk.

Status Update and Display Image

You can not only chat with your friends but also do status update at WhatsApp. You can also upload your favourite pic as the display image at WhatsApp.

Group Chat using WhatsApp

Using WhatsApp you can do group chat with your friends..You have to just add your friends to a group and then you can chat with them together. If you have to inform your friends about some important event that is going to happen in your college then you need to make a group on WhatsApp and type a message about it in the group. You can give different names to different WhatsApp groups.

Share your favourite photos and videos

There is no need for you to wait to show your favourite photos and videos to your best friends as this can be easily done by using WhatsApp.. If you had went to a tour and your friends want to see your pics enjoying at a new place then you can use WhatsApp to share your photos and videos.

Let your friends know where are you

If you are using WhatsApp then you can let your friends know that where are you currently. This is possible because there is a feature to Share locations available in WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is not only available for Android smartphones but it is also available for iPhone, Windows mobile phones, blackberry and even Nokia mobile phones. For downloading WhatsApp from your mobile phone you will need to visit the official website of WhatsApp. If you are using an Android smartphone you can directly open the Google Play Store and download it. You have to not pay any amount for using WhatsApp for a year and after a year you have to just pay a small amount that is 0.99$ per year.