Lenovo A6000 Complete Review – Know Pros and Cons

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I have purchased Lenovo A6000 for myself and I have used it for 2/3 days. After using it for 2/3 days I have seen that this smartphone performs really good and I haven’t seen any lags still now. Lenovo A6000’s first flash sales was on 28th January and the stock had got over in 2 seconds. Some of my friends are still confused that whether they should go for Lenovo A6000 or Xiaomi Redmi 1S. I’ll recommend them to read this post to know all the pros and cons of Lenovo A6000. I wanted to write this review post after using the Lenovo A6000 for a week at least, but as the next flash sales is tomorrow (4th January) I decided to write the review of Lenovo A6000 today itself especially for making my blog readers happy. Check out this review before you decide to buy this best 4G Android smartphone Lenov A6000 in your budget of Rs 7,000.

What I found in the box?

Lenovo A6000 smartphone, battery, manual, charger, USB cable, headset and Screen Guard.

SAR Value

On the box I found the SAR value of Lenovo A6000

SAR Value for Head position is 0.939

SAR Value for Body-worn is 0.822

Built Quality of Lenovo A6000

Lenovo A6000 has definitely got very good built quality as per its price. Lenovo A6000 is slim and it is easy to hold. You may not find the build quality as awesome as OnePlus One, but according to the price it is definitely a very attractive smartphone. At the right side of the device, power and volume buttons are present. Dual Speakers are present at the back of the smartphone. I wished that the speakers were provided in the front as the volume reduces whenever I keep Lenovo A6000 on my table.

Lenovo A6000 Display, Battery, Camera Review

Lenovo A6000 Built Quality, Buttons Etc

Lenovo A6000 is a Dual SIM smartphone supporting Micro SIM cards. I had to go to the nearby shop for getting the normal SIM cards cutted into micro SIM cards. With first SIM slot you can get 4G connectivity, while with the other you’ll be able to get 3G connectivity.

Display Screen

Display Screen of Lenovo A6000 is a 5 inch HD display screen having resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. It is a multi-touch display screen and will provide you with superb experience. As for now I’m really happy with the touch quality. It is not provided with any Glass protection and that’s why you may like to buy a good quality screen guard for Lenovo A6000.

Processor, RAM and Memory

Lenovo A6000 comes with 1.2GHz Quad-Core Qualcomm Snadragon processor which is definitely a very powerful one. It is provided with 1GB RAM. I heard people telling that multi-tasking can be a problem, but I didn’t found any such problem still now.

Internal memory if of 8GB and you can get external memory up to 32GB with Lenovo A6000. As the smartphone comes with many pre-installed games and Apps, the internal user memory is around 4.5GB only.

Camera Features

Both the rear facing camera of 8 megapixel and front facing camera of 2 megapixel are good enough as per the price of Rs 6,999. While using the rear facing camera with LED flash turned on I noticed a yellowish tint. I talked about the same with the other users of the smartphone. They told me that this yellowish tint appears only when extremely close photos are taken using the rear facing. They and even me expect that this yellowish tint problem will get solved once Lenovo will provide some update for A6000.

Connectivity Features

I already mentioned above that 1 SIM slot supports 4G connectivity. With the second SIM slot you’ll be able to get 3G or 2G connectivity.

I was using 2G internet and sometimes I found the speed to be little slower than what I was getting on my Samsung smartphone. The other connectivity features available with Lenovo A6000 are Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS.

Battery Life

You’ll be able to get 4 to 5 hours of browsing time with Lenovo A6000. As per the price battery backup is really good. I was able to do 5 hours of 2G browsing with a single charge.

Thing I don’t like about Lenovo A6000 is that it takes lot of time to charge the smartphone. For completely charging the smartphone it may even take 4 to 5 hours which is not good. I hope that after the Android 5.0 (Lollipop) update this Lenovo smartphone will get charged faster. For now long time taken for charging is one of the cons of Lenovo A6000.

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Dual Speakers at Back of Lenovo A6000

Lenovo A6000 Smartphone with Dual Speakers Pros and Cons

The dual speakers present at the back of Lenovo A6000 will provide you with good audio quality. If you love to listen to music and watch videos, then the Dual speakers with Dolby Digital Plus technology provided in this Lenovo smartphone will definitely make you happy. The headset provided with Lenovo A6000 is not of that good quality and the sound quality while listening to music using headset was just decent enough as per price. You may definitely like to buy a better headset for listening to music.

Pre-Installed Games and Apps

Many Apps are pre-installed in Lenovo A6000 which includes UC Brower, Evernote, TrueCaller, WeChat, Twitter, Facebook etc. You’ll find some pre-installed games which are Tag the Frog HD, Green Farm 3, Spider Man – Ultimate etc.

I myself downloaded and installed Temple Run 2. I was able to play the game smoothly without any problems. I think that there can be some lag while playing some games which require more of free RAM.

Gaming Experience on Lenovo A6000

Don’t miss out to register using the below link so that you’ll be able to buy Lenovo A6000 at the next flash sales. You can also go through all the pros and cons of Lenovo A6000 which I have mentioned below.

Register for Flash Sales of Lenovo A6000

Pros of Lenovo A6000

Good Display Screen

Amazing Built Quality as Per Price

Dual Speakers with Dolby Digital Plus

Decent Camera Features

Battery Backup

Cons of Lenovo A6000

Takes Many Hours for Charging

Yellowish Tint while using the Flash

Internal Memory is of 8GB only and the free user memory is only around 4.5GB

Some Users Experiencing Lag While Playing Games like Asphalt 8

If your budget for buying a 4G Android smartphone is Rs 7,000, then Lenovo A6000 can definitely be the best smartphone for you. I found Lenovo A6000 to be better than Redmi 1S. I have not used Redmi 1S much, but good sound quality, good UI, decent battery life and the other factors have made me really like Lenovo A6000. If you liked reading this Lenovo A6000 smartphone review of mine, then do share it with your friends as it can be useful for them too.

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