Apple iPad Pro with 12.9 inch Screen and A9X Processor Starting at $799

Apple iPad Pro features, price and variants


We all love tablets and one of the tablets which Apple has launched is Apple iPad Pro. It seems to be better than other iPad models as it comes with 12.9 inch screen, powerful processor and other good features. The 32GB WiFi version is priced at $799 only. You’ll get to know the price of other variants of iPad Pro in this post. Apple has also launched 2 special accessories for the new iPad Pro. One of the accessories is the Apple pencil which is priced at $99, while the other accessory is the smart keyboard which can work with iPad Pro. The new smart keyboard for iPad Pro will be getting available at price $169. Apple iPad Pro is definitely going to be one of the best tablets for those who can spend around $800 to $1000. Apple has also launched new iPhones starting from $649.

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iPhone 5S or 5C( Under Contract) from Reliance

iPhone 5S or 5C under Contract

iPhone 5S or 5C under contract? Yes, Reliance is offering 5S or 5C under contract and you just need to pay Rs 2,500 to Rs 3,000 monthly for it. If you don’t want to pay together for iPhone 5S or 5C then definitely you can make use of this offer by Reliance. You will need … Read more

Top 5 Features Which May Attract You to iPad Air

iPad Air' Features

[ad#ad-1] Apple at a recent event launched iPad Air, iPad Mini and even 2 different versions of Macbook Pro. Apple’s iPad Air can definitely become one of the best and most demanded tablets. This tablet packs in some of the features which are better than the previous versions of iPad. Lets check out which features … Read more

iPad Mini Review


After the success of iPad 2 and iPad 3 it is the time when Apple has finally unveiled iPad Mini. Already there are many tablets available in the market and the release of iPad Mini is going to give tough competition to the tablets like Nexus 7,  Samsung Galaxy Tab etc. iPad Mini is been compared with the previous iPad versions and other tablets. If you want to know more about iPad Mini you should definitely read this iPad Mini review.

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