Advantages of RCOM’s FreeNet – Access Useful Websites for Free

Advantages of RCOM's FreeNet


Reliance Communications and Facebook have come together to introduce in India. It is one of the best things which has happened in this year 2015. RCOM customers will be able to access different useful websites for free which will make many RCOM customers happy. In this post I’ll make you know the advantages of RCOM’s FreeNet. By going through this post,  you’ll be also able to understand that how FreeNet is going to empower the people in our country.

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iPhone 5S or 5C( Under Contract) from Reliance

iPhone 5S or 5C under Contract

iPhone 5S or 5C under contract? Yes, Reliance is offering 5S or 5C under contract and you just need to pay Rs 2,500 to Rs 3,000 monthly for it. If you don’t want to pay together for iPhone 5S or 5C then definitely you can make use of this offer by Reliance. You will need … Read more