Telegram Messaging App Review : Why It Is Getting Popular?

Telegram Messaging App is the App you should know about, especially if you love to try out new messaging Apps. WhatsApp is definitely currently the most used and most popular Android Apps. Telegram App has started getting popular and I think that it will give some type of competition to messaging Apps like WhatsApp, WeChat etc. In this Telegram App Review you shall know the features of this App and also the reasons which is making Telegram App popular.

The main reason which started making people look for alternative Apps and try out Telegram is the outage of WhatsApp App for few hours.

Telegram Messaging App Review


It is Simple and Fast

We love to use WhatsApp messaging App because WhatsApp is simple and works fast. I downloaded Telegram App and for opening, it took no time. You have to just enter your number after downloading Telegram App. Telegram App will show you the list of your friends which are already using Telegram App.

People think that it is a competitor to WhatsApp

As Facebook purchased WhatsApp by paying $19 Billion  people started thinking that some changes may happen to WhatsApp and people started searching for other messaging Apps. As Telegram App is the newest and as the name sounds so good people started downloading it. The outage of WhatsApp messaging App for few weeks gave Telegram App millions of new users.

More Privacy with Telegram App

Instant messaging from smartphones is something which is really loved by people these days. Telegram App comes with more privacy as the data is encrypted. Telegram App developers have tried their best for making the App more secured. If privacy is really important for you then definitely you will love to use this App more than any other messaging App.

Secret Chat Feature : One of the Best Features of Telegram App

Secret Chat feature is loved by most of the users of Telegram App. I also tried out this feature after downloading Telegram App. The messages that you are getting and sending to a particular user using the Secret Chat feature can get destroyed automatically. Secret Chat feature is something really special which you get with this App which is Telegram App. According to me, people who don’t want their chat with a particular person to be read by no one should definitely make use of this Secret Chat feature.

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Available for iOS and Android

Telegram Messaging App is available for both iOS and Android. If you have an Android smartphone or iPhone then definitely you can make use of this messaging App. I have downloaded Telegram App on my Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos smartphone and I find this App to be good. I found that some of my friends have already started using Telegram App. If you already have WhatsApp installed and need an alternative App too for your smartphone then definitely you should download Telegram App as you get more privacy with Telegram App.

Already the Top Free App on App Store in 46 countries

It is mainly because of the outage of WhatsApp for few hours which made millions of people try out Telegram App. Actually people started copying each other. People started writing status updates on Facebook and started tweeting about the outage of WhatsApp. People also started saying that they will try out Telegram App. This App has now become the top free App for 46 countries on the App store and this is one of the reasons that made me write review on the Telegram messaging App.

There are many messaging Apps available now and the number of messaging Apps will keep increasing as people want to always try out a new good messaging App..I already had WhatsApp and WeChat on my smartphone and now I have also installed Telegram. I hope that this review gave you good idea about this App. The next App which I will be installing on my smartphone will definitely be BBM as BBM has finally got available for Android 2.3 version too while previously BBM was only available for Android 4.0 and above versions.

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