3 Very Interesting Android Apps

Are you looking for some interesting Android Apps? We are mentioning 3 Android Apps which we found out to be interesting after using them. You will be definitely able to get some fun by trying out these Android Apps. All the 3 interesting Apps mentioned in this post are used for different purposes but you will definitely get some satisfaction using them.

1. Billboard Photo Effects – An Android App which is currently included in the Trending Apps section at Google Play Store is the App called as Billboard Photo Effects. This App is a very useful for those who are looking to add some effects in their some photos. Billboard Photo Effects will easily recognized your face in the various photos and it will add some very interesting cool effects to your photos. You can make your face look very funny by using Billboard Photo Effects Android App.

2. Finger Print Scanner Lock РAre you bored using the same unlock system with your Android smartphone? Now you can use finger lock scanning system with your Android smartphone by downloading this App which is Finger Print Scanner Lock.  You can use this App by choosing any 1 theme out of the 4 themes option which you get with this Finger Print Scanner Lock Android App.

3. Change my Voice – One of the most interesting Android Apps which you can download for your Android smartphone is Change my Voice Android App from Google Play Store. Now you can make your recorded voice sound like the voice of a child, robot, cat or chipmunk by using Change my Voice Android App on your Android smartphone. This App is very interesting because you can also change your voice while you are on a phone call using Change my Voice Android App. You can also change your speech speed by using Change my Voice Android App. You can definitely call your friends and make them listen your change voice ( Done using Change my Voice Android App) to totally surprise and confuse them.

All the 3 Android Apps which are mentioned in this post should be definitely tried by you as you will get a new experience using such interesting Android Apps. If you are a student then you should also try out the Android Apps for students which will help you in your studies and you may definitely get a boost in your studies by trying them out. We love to give information about all type of Android Apps at GetMobilefun and that’s why we also mentioned¬†Android Apps for cricket lovers and many cricket lovers have already given a try to these cricket Apps.