5 Best Android Apps for Students

There are many Android Apps which are very useful for students and that’s why we thought to provide you information related to such useful Android Apps for students. In this post we are mentioning 5 very useful Apps for those students who give lot of important to their studies. You should definitely have all such Android Apps on your Android smartphone as you will get lot of help in your studies if you use such Android Apps.

1. Catch Notes Notepad – If you want to save all your notes, images, audio files related to your studies then the best Android App for you can be Catch Notes Notepad. You can also password protect your important notes by using Catch Notes Notepad. Now you can collect the notes and then go through all of them together at the time of exam just by using this Android App which is Catch Notes Notepad.

2. Wikipedia – Students need to regularly collect information or go through useful information regularly. If you search information regularly on Wikipedia then you need to download the official Wikipedia App. It will be easy for you to through lot of information on Wikipedia by downloading this Android App which is especially built for mobile phones. You can also save articles which you find useful by downloading the official Android Wikipedia App.

3. Alarm Clock Xtreme – As a student you will definitely need a good alarm clock Android App. This App which is Alarm Clock Xtreme is the best Android App for students who don’t wake up easily during exam days. You get many good features with this Android App.

4. Math Workout  – For students who don’t have good maths skills, Math Workout is definitely the best Android App for such students.  You will definitely be able to improve at Maths if you download this Android App.

5. Merriam Webster Dictionary  – A student definitely wants to know the meaning of the difficult words which he cannot understand on own and for such students who want to know meaning of each and every word the best Android App is Merriam Webster Dictionary. This is one of the best dictionary for Android smartphones as you will find meaning of each and every word using Merriam Webster Dictionary. You also get voice search option with Merriam Webster Dictionary.

These Apps will give you lot of information and will also help you in your studies if you are a student. If you are a cricket lover then you should have a look at some Cricket Apps for Android smartphones and you should also have a look at some of the Android Apps which are very popular. Some students also love to access social networking sites and for such students we had also mentioned some of the Best Social Networking Android Apps.

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