Best Android Smartphones Within Rs 7,000 [Year 2015]

Looking for an Android smartphone within Rs 7,000? Android smartphones have not got cheap, but it is the increasing competition that has made companies reduce the price of Android smartphones. Xiaomi, Motorola, Asus, Micromax and all other companies are competing hard to attract customers in India. If I’m not wrong this race has started with Motorola Moto E, and then other companies started launching low budget Android smartphones. I’ll now make you know that which are the best Android smartphones within Rs 7,000 that you can buy for yourself. By going through this post you may be definitely able to find the best smartphone for yourself in your budget of Rs 6,000 to Rs 7,000.

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4 Best Android Smartphones under Rs.5000 Available Online

Karbonn's Best Android Smartphone under Rs 5000

Searching for a good smartphone under Rs 5,000? You may have checked reviews of many low budget smartphones, but then too you may have not been to find the best smartphone in your budget. I know that in Rs 5,000 you may not be able to get very amazing features in a smartphone, but then too you can definitely get features which will provide you with good satisfaction. In this post I’ll make you know that which are the 4 best Android smartphones under Rs 5000 which you can buy online. I decided to write this post as many new college students have low budget for buying their first Android smartphone.

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Best Mobile Phones Within Rs 2,500

Micromax X350 mobile - Priced at Rs 2495 ( Below Rs 2,500)

If you are someone who doesn’t have a good budget for buying a mobile phone then this article is for you. I know that you may be thinking to buy a new mobile phone as your old mobile phone may have stopped working properly. I have decided to mention only those mobile phones which come within Rs 2,500 as these mobile phones will be affordable for many.

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3 Android Smartphones available in Rs 5500


Android smartphones have got very popular among teenagers. If you are someone who has a low budget that is around Rs 5000 then you  would definitely like to know the Android smartphones which are available in this budget. In this article we are providing details regarding some Android smartphones which have good features and are available in around Rs 5000.

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