Sendly Recharge App Launched : Amazing 75% Discount On First TopUp

Are you looking for a App to recharge your mobile number? With Sendly App you can get 75% Discount on the first TopUp. You may be already knowing this offer but your friends may not know about it. Rebtel is a VoIP provider and has been successful from many years. Rebtel has launched this mobile App Sendly which allows you to recharge your own number or any other mobile number that you want. 

Rebtel has launched this amazing App and wants more users. Rebtel to get more people using their new App Sendly is providing 75% on first TopUp. This new offer has becoming a very popular news among all those who love to make use of discount offers.

75% Discount Offer on First Recharge With Sendly App

Sendly supports 50 countries and India is also supported. Sendly works on Android smartphones as well as it works for iPhone. As this App is available for Android as well as iOS, it will definitely become a very useful recharge App for all those who have prepaid connection.

I have already started making use of Sendly Recharge App and I find it to be a very amazing Recharge App. What more? I got 500Rs ($10 USD) talktime just by making payment of $1.92 which is around Rs 120.

Previously I heard from my friends that we can get Rs 1,000 talktime just by paying $3.82 but when I installed Sendly, this offer was not available. The offers which were available for me for first Recharge with Sendly App were $1.16 and $1.92 recharge offers providing Rs 300 and Rs 500 talktime respectively.

I had to wait a lot which is from yesterday night to today morning to get the recharge done. Actually as Sendly App got so much popular among Indians, it is been used by lot of people at a single time. You may have to wait but you will finally get the recharge done. If you are lucky then definitely you will be able to get instant recharge done using Sendly App. My friend was able to get instant recharge done using Sendly App. He got very happy after getting Rs 500 talktime just by paying $1.92. Seeing his happiness, I thought to inform my blog readers about this amazing first recharge offer by Sendly through this blog post.

For recharging your mobile using Sendly App you need to add country code before mobile number. The country code for India is +91 . Don’t forget to add the country code before the mobile number to recharge your App.

Visit the Sendly Website for downloading the amazing Recharge App Sendly.

Another superb thing about Sendly App is that not only credit cards but also debit cards are supported. So you can easily make use of the 75% Discount First Recharge offer which Sendly is giving to its users.

I don’t know for how long Sendly will provide this offer on first TopUp and hence you should try to immediately make use of this offer.

If you want your friends to know about this amazing 75% Discount On First TopUp Offer by Sendly then you should share this post with your friends. I hope that you will feel happy after making use of Sendly App. If Sendly App is not working on a particular time then please keep patience as heavy usage may be the reason that the App may not be loading properly.

Latest Update : Sendly will be now giving only 50% Discount on First Recharge to the new users. Previously 75% Discount was available on First TopUp but as so many people are downloading Sendly now you can get discount only of 50%. So for getting 10$ USD talktime you need to make payment of 5$ USD. This discount is only on first recharge as we already know.

If your transaction failed or still pending then don’t worry. According to Sendly, money will be refunded to the card used or the talktime will be automatically credited in few days.

Sendly Recharge App has become very popular in India in the last 2 days due to the discount offer on First TopUp.

Update on April 8,2014 : Sendly is giving 25% discount to everyone on first recharge now. If you have already recharged for the first time then you can make use of the Bonus Code RELEASE for getting 30% discount on recharge.

If you are recharging for the first time and also making use of this Bonus Code which is RELEASE then you can get total 55% Discount on first recharge. Many of my friends who had missed to make use of 75% Off offer which Sendly was giving on its launch have made use of this 55% Discount Offer. Again many people in the technology world have started to talk about Sendly App with each other.