Pixlr Express – Amazing Android App to Edit Photos

Editing photos which you have taken on your Android smartphone can definitely be fun. Pixlr Express is one of the Apps which will help you to edit photos on your Android smartphone very easily. Pixlr Express has been downloaded more than 85,000 times from Google Play Store and the only reason why people are downloading this App is that it it a wonderful App to edit photos.

Changing brightness, contrast can really be fun with Pixlr Express App

Do you love to make use of different color effects. Yes with the Color Splash and other features you can definitely edit your photos on your Android smartphone in the best way. Some people feel that they have been able to have the best colors for their photos just because of the App which is Pixlr Express App.

Crop and Re-size photos with this amazing App

With Pixlr Express you can definitely crop the photos appropriately. You can not only crop and re-size your photos but you can also rotate your images easily in all the directions using Pixlr Express App on your smartphone.

Edit Photos on your Android smartphone with Pixlr Express App

Make your pictures glow by using some of the unique features of this App

This App Pixlr Express comes with some very unique features. Two of the unique features are the feature to remove red eye and the feature to make the teeth look more white. With this effects you will be definitely be able to make your photos look like the way you want.

Add Border to your photos to make them look superb

These days everyone wants their photos to look the best. With Pixlr Express App you can add border to your photos very easily. The most interesting thing will be choosing between the different available border options.

Keep using the same effects on different photos

With Pixlr Express you can favorite the effects which you like. When you want to put the same effects in other photos too then you can just make use of your favorite effects which you have saved while using Pixlr Express App.

More than 600 Photo Effects

Pixlr Express is rated highly by people to edit photos on Android smartphone because it comes with variety of photo effects. With this App you can make use of more than  600 photo effects. Focal Blur is one of the best effects which you can make use while editing photos on your Android smartphone.


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If you are unable to edit photos on your Android smartphone in the best way then definitely you should download Pixlr Express very soon. I hope you would have checked out all the editing features which you get with this Application called as Pixlr Express.