HOOQ Video-on-Demand Service : Know Why to Subscribe for It

At an event in Mumbai, we got to know about what is HOOQ and the benefits which people will get by making use of HOOQ. It is a joint venture between Singtel, Sony Pictures Television and Warner Bros. If you love to watch movies, shows etc, then HOOQ will definitely make you happy. 15000 International and Local titles is what HOOQ offers. With time, more entertaining and latest stuff may definitely get added to HOOQ. You’ll be able to know everything about HOOQ by reading this post of mine.

5000+ Hollywood Movies and Television Shows

The most amazing thing about HOOQ is that it gives access to some of the most entertaining Hollywood movies, television shows etc. Harry Potter, Iron Man, Pulp Fiction and many more popular movies is what you’ll get to watch by subscribing for HOOQ. It seems that HOOQ is especially for those who want to get the best type of entertainment at a monthly price.

HOOQ will also make Bollywood fans happy as they will be able to watch some of the popular classic films like Ek Duje Ke Liya, Andaz Apna Apna etc.

Unlimited Entertainment at Rs 199 per month

For making use of HOOQ, you’ll just need to pay Rs 199 per month. HOOQ is ad-free video-on-demand service and that’s why you won’t get frustrated because of ads. I think that people who want good entertainment will definitely find the price of Rs 199 to be reasonable.

HOOQ Subscription Price, Benefits etc

How to Make Use of HOOQ?

HOOQ will get available for everyone in the month of June.

You’ll be able to download the HOOQ App on Android or iOS. App will be available for free. You’ll just need to pay the monthly charge of Rs 199 per month for getting entertained (HOOQ’d). If you’re ready to get HOOQ’d, then you definitely need to start making use of HOOQ.

You can even access HOOQ by going to the HOOQ website.

I think that many people in India will make use of HOOQ as it works on smartphones, tablets as well as desktop computer.

Offline Viewing Option Available

HOOQ offers the advantage of watching movies offline. You can download the videos and then watch them whenever you want to. It will be really interesting to see that whether people will really like the offline viewing option. I hope that this offline viewing option will get more improved in future.

For subscribing for HOOQ, you can make the payment by making use of debit card, credit card, internet banking or mobile wallet.

HOOQ brings unlimited fun and unlimited possibilities. You just need to make use of HOOQ in the right way for getting totally entertained. Once you’ll start making use of HOOQ, you should definitely let me know your feedback about it.

Singtel, Sony Pictures Television and Warner Bros must be expecting that HOOQ will get lot of popularity in India. At the event, I got to know that they want HOOQ to be there in business for long term. It will be really interesting to see that what type of improvements will be made to HOOQ in future.