Google Camera App Available to Download for Android


Google Camera App has got available on Google Play Store. You can download this Camera App only if you have a smartphone or tablet working on Android 4.4 KitKat version. Google Camera App is getting popular because of many reasons. If you want to take the best pictures then definitely you should check out the features of Google Camera App.

Using the Camera App you will be not only able to take good quality pictures and videos, but you will be also able to make use of creative picture modes. In this post you will now be able to know that which are these modes that can be very helpful.

Download Google Camera App

Google Camera App adds the photography experience which you can find in Nexus devices. You can yourself think that how awesome photography experience one will be able to get after he downloads this App.

Improved UI is something which will attract you to using this App for taking photographs. You will find that capture button has also got large. This large button will help in taking high quality photographs faster and you will find it be convenient.

The first feature which I will like to mention about this App is the Photo Sphere feature. Using this option you will be able to view 360 degree view. This is something really special as these view may help in taking the best photographs.

Take Better Pictures using Panorama mode

Panorama mode is also available with this new App. You can adjust the Panorama resolution as you want. There are 3 different Panorama resolution modes provided for your convenience.

Lens Blur mode – Amazing Feature of Google Camera App

Google Camera App has also got Lens Blur mode. Using this mode you will be to take high quality SLR-like pictures. You may have never thought that you will be able to take such type of high quality pictures with your smartphone’s camera, but that will be definitely possible now because of this Lens Blur mode.

Using this Lens Blur mode you will be able to focus more on the particular spot in the picture. Sometimes while taking a picture of your friend you may want to focus more on the accessory your friend is wearing, this will be possible now if you take your friend’s photo by making use of this feature.

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100% Viewfinder Available

There is this another feature available which will make the sensor use the maximum resolution for taking pictures. This feature will assure you that the best quality pictures are been taken using your smartphone’s camera.

Shoot Videos in Landscape mode

Shooting videos in normal mode may be something very common for you. After getting Google Camera App you will be able to shoot videos very easily in landscape mode. Switching over to shooting videos in landscape mode is very easy with this App.

If you don’t have a smartphone or tablet working on Android 4.4 KitKat operating system then you shouldn’t get disappointed. We can hope that in future Google will come out with another version which we will be able to also use on old versions of Android operating system.

Still now this App has got 3.9/5 rating at Google Play Store. You can download this App by clicking here. Once you have downloaded this App do let me know that whether you find this Camera App to be very amazing.

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