Blackberry Z10 and Q10 Features

We already informed you about some Best Blackberry 10 OS features and it is the time when we should have a look at the 2 Blackberry smartphones which are Blackberry Z10 and Blackberry Q10.  If you liked the Blackberry 10 OS features then definitely you should have a look at the specs of the 2 smartphones.

Blackberry Z10 is a full touchscreen Blackberry 10 smartphone while Blackberry Q10 comes with a Qwerty keypad. You should have a look at the specs before you think to go for any one of them.

Blackberry Z10 and Blackberry Q10

Display Screen

Blackberry Z10 has a 4.2 inches TFT LCD screen while Blackberry Q10 which comes with Qwerty keypad has a 3.1 inches TFT LCD screen.


Z10 and Q10 both have 1.5GHz Dual Core Krait processor. Many smartphones which have been releasing these days have powerful processor and both Blackberry Z10 and Q10 also seem to have a powerful processor.

RAM and Memory Storage

Many smartphones only have 1GB RAM while both these now Blackberry 10 OS smartphones Z10 and Q10 have 2GB RAM. You can find internal memory of 16GB in both Z10 and Q10 and external memory up to 32GB is available using microSD memory in both Blackberry Z10 and Q10.

Camera Features

With Blackberry 10 OS you can find very superb camera features in both Q10 and Z10. Both Z10 and Q10 have a 8 megapixel rear facing camera supporting 1080p video recording and 2 megapixel front facing camera supporting 720p video recording.

Connectivity Features

You can find connectivity features like Bluetooth 4.0, microUSB 2.0 slot, NFC and even Wifi in both Z10 and Q10.


Both Z10 and Q10 have 1800 mAh battery.

For Z10 the 3 years contract price in Canada will be 149.99$ and in other countries it will get available at different contract prices. Lets see what will be the price of Z10 and Q10 in India and if we get to know the Blackberry Z10 and Q10 price for India we will definitely let you know about it. I liked the specs of both the Blackberry 10 OS working smartphones and also the excellent features of the new Blackberry 10 OS.

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