Xiaomi Mi4 and Lenovo Vibe X2 4G Comparison

Xiaomi Mi4 Comparison with Lenovo Vibe X2 4G


Xiaomi has launched Mi4 at price of Rs 19,999 which will increase the competition in the smartphones market. Xiaomi smartphones have been getting lot of demand in India. Lenovo Vibe X2 4G smartphone is also available at the same price. So it is really going to be a confusing thing that which smartphone should be purchased in budget of Rs 20,000. If one wants 4G, then he may definitely prefer Lenovo Vibe X2 4G over Xiaomi Mi4. Now I’ll do the comparison of Xiaomi Mi4 and Lenovo Vibe X2 4G for making you know that which smartphone has better features. I hope that you’ll soon buy one of the best smartphones under Rs 20,000 after reading this comparison.

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