Lenovo K3 Note with Full HD Screen and 64 Bit Octa Core Processor

Lenovo K3 Android Smartphone in Rs 10000


Lenovo K3 Note has launched at the price of Rs 9999. This 4G smartphone is especially for those who want to have the watch HD video and have the best gaming experience as it comes with 5.5 inch Full HD display screen having resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. This could be called as the best Mid Budget smartphone as it comes with very good features. Many people in India were waiting for Lenovo K3 Note as it is provided with Powerful 64 Bit processor and at the same time it comes at affordable price. Check out the features, registration details and other info about Lenovo K3 Note before you decide to purchase it for yourself. Many people may try to compare K3 Note with Lenovo A7000 as A7000 got lot of success.

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Lenovo K900 Review – A Good Smartphone for those with Budget Rs25,000

Lenovo K900 - Very good Smartphone in Rs 25,000


Lenovo K900 is a smartphone which was released some time back but still it is a very good choice. These days whenever I am going to college I see advertisements (hoardings) of Lenovo K900 at different places. This time I went through the features and reviews of K900 and realized that this is a really good Android smartphone if budget is around Rs 25,000. Now K900 is available for Rs 25,499 at Flipkart and after going through the features many may like to consider it over other costly Android smartphones.

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