LG G3 Superb Smartphone Features, Price, Availability & More

LG G3 Features Price Available


G3 is the new flagship smartphone of LG. It comes with best features. LG G3 is priced over Rs 40,000, but then too it may become a good choice for many people. LG G3 comes with a very powerful Quad Core Snapdragon processor, 13 megapixel camera, 4G LTE connectivity and other amazing features. In this post you’ll be able to know that why LG G3 can be called as one of the best high budget smartphones. Now let me provide you complete information about this new flagship smartphone of LG.

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LG G2 – Superb Smartphone Available In India At Rs 41,500

Is the price of LG G2 good seeing the features?

If you had read the review on LG G2 you must have definitely waited for its launch in India. Now LG G2 has got launched in India and that’s why you may be eager to know its price. LG G2 is the latest flagship smartphone by LG and this smartphone is really a best one if your budget is above Rs 40,000. You should check out the best features of LG G2 which would make you pay the price above Rs 40,000 for LG G2.

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