Your T-Shirt May Become Your Next Mobile Phone

Mobile on t-shirts and other clothes


Is this title confusing? Are you thinking that what I mean? Yes, This is totally true. Your t-shirt may work like a mobile phone. This may seem to be a miracle to you, but according to me this is not a miracle. This is all because of the innovation happening worldwide. Better technology may lead to printing of smartphones on clothing. You should read this post to know that how this is going to happen.

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Facebook Buys WhatsApp : Why It is the Biggest Deal?

Facebook Buys WhatsApp - why is it big deal?

[ad#ad-1] Heard this news already? You may have heard the news that Facebook has decided to Buy WhatsApp but did you understand that why it is a very big deal? In this post I will make you know the reasons which has made this deal one of the most popular and biggest news. My all … Read more