5 Best Flip Covers, Back Covers for Moto G 3rd Gen

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Motorola’s Moto G 3rd Gen smartphone due to its water resistance feature (IPX7 certified smartphone) is gaining lot of popularity. Many best flip covers and back covers are available for this newly launched water resistant Moto G 3rd Gen. Even Motorola itself has launched a special flip cover for its 3rd Generation Moto G smartphone. Before you decide to buy 3rd Gen Moto G, you may not only compare it with Moto G 2nd Gen, but you should also check out all the good flip covers as well as other covers available for this Moto G 2015 smartphone. I’m trying to list down some of the best flip and back covers available online for Moto G 3rd Gen. By buying a cover, you’ll be giving extra protection to this Motorola smartphone which is going to become a favorite one for many.

Affordable Flip and Back Covers Moto G 3rd Gen
Covers and Cases for Moto G 3rd Gen

Flip Covers and Back Covers for Motorola Moto G 3rd Gen

1. Motorola Flip Cover for Moto G 3rd Gen

Special Flip Cover by Motorola for 3rd Gen Moto G

Made from plastic material, this Motorola flip cover shall provide 360 degrees protection to Moto G 3rd Gen and protect it from different type of damages. It will fit to your new Moto G 2015 easily and you may feel happy after investing your money for buying this flip cover.

This Flip Cover by Motorola is priced little higher at Rs 1799, but due to its good quality you may still like to purchase it.

Buy Motorola Flip Cover Online

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2. Kartuce Stylish Back Cover for Moto G 3rd Gen

Stylish Back Cover with 3D Print for 3rd Gen Moto G

Kartuce has launched variety of back covers with different 3D prints for Moto G 3rd Gen. I liked the multicolor 3D print provided to this back cover, while you can also check out the other Moto G 3rd Gen Kartuce back covers provided with different type of 3D prints.

Buy Kartuce Cover with 3D Print Online

3. nCase Flip Cover for Motorola Moto G 3rd Gen

Affordable Moto G 3rd Gen Flip Cover

nCase affordable flip cover for 3rd Gen Moto G will provide you perfect grip and it will even protect your smartphone from various type of damages. Another good feature is that you’ll be even able to make use of this cover as a stand while watching videos on Moto G 3rd Gen.

This flip cover is affordable as its selling price is Rs 395, while now it is available at special price of Rs 296.

Buy nCase Flip Cover Online

4. Karpine Back Cover for 3rd Generation Moto G

Back Cover for 3rd Gen Moto G

This is definitely one of the best back covers for Moto G 3rd Gen which is mainly because of the reason that it is avalable in different colors which includes Red. Perfect matte finish makes the back cover look amazing. Karpine is a popular brand when it comes to accessories and that’s why to make buyers happy it has provided perfects cuts for speaker, camera etc. You may definitely like to spend Rs 499 for buying this Karpine back cover.

Buy Karpine Back Cover for Moto G 3rd Gen

5. Karpine Shock Proof Case

Best Case for Moto G 3rd Gen

If you’re looking for a shock proof case, then this one which comes at price Rs 399 shall be a good option. This shock proof case is also provided with a viewing stand. Many people are going to love the unique shape of this Moto G 3rd Gen 2015 shock proof case.

Buy Shock Proof Case for 3rd Gen Moto G

I hope that this post of mine made you find the perfect cover/case for your newly purchased 3rd Generation Moto G. Different people may recommend you different covers, but you should choose a cover which you like the most as per your budget. It is quite possible that Motorola may launch more covers and accessories for this smartphone as it is having lot of expectations from the 3rd Gen Moto G. Which flip cover or back cover you find to be the best one for Moto G 3rd Generation?

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