Sony Xperia Z and ZL – Superb Android smartphones unveiled

Sony finally unveiled its 2 new much awaited superb Android smartphones at CES 2013.  Both the new smartphones Xperia Z and ZL have similar features but some features make Xperia ZL little different from Sony Xperia Z. You should have a look at the features which Xperia Z and ZL are having before you choose to buy any one of the two.

These 2 smartphones Xperia Z and ZL by Sony are having superb processor, very high quality 13MP camera and many other features which you will surely love to have in an Android smartphone.

Sony Xperia Z and Sony Xperia ZL

Sony Xperia Z and Sony Xperia ZL

Sony Xperia Z will work on Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) operating system and you will after its launch will get the option to upgrade it to Android 4.2(Jelly Bean) operating system. Sony Xperia Z has a 5 inches full HD display screen having 1080 x 1920 resolution.

Xperia Z is considered to be one of the most powerful Android smartphones as Xperia Z is having a 1.5GHz Snapdragon Pro Quad Core processor and there is also a 2GB RAM available in Xperia Z which makes it better than other costly Android smartphones which are having 1GB RAM.Sony Xperia Z has a 13 megapixel rear facing camera and not only the quality of the camera will impress you but also the camera features may make you buy Sony Xperia Z.

Xperia Z will be having 16GB internal memory and you will get external memory upto 32GB using MicroSD memory card with Xperia Z and Z. Sony Xperia Z has Wifi and even the NFC technology which have become common connectivity features in most of the costly Android smartphones.

One of the most amazing feature of Xperia Z is that it is IP55 and IP57 certified which means that it is dust resistant as well as water resistant Android smartphone. Sony Xperia Z will provide you good battery life too as it has 2230mAh battery which is very powerful and as it has a powerful processor battery Xperia Z will definitely last longer than many other Android smartphones.

Sony Xperia ZL also has almost the same features like Sony Xperia Z but it is little slimmer and shorter in size as compared to Xperia Z. Sony Xperia ZL is not having the waterproof feature which is available in Sony Xperia Z.

Xperia Z ┬ámay launch worldwide in the first quarter of 2013 while Xperia ZL may launch only in few selected countries. The price of Xperia Z in India will be around Rs 35,000 – Rs 38,000. If you are ready to spend over Rs 35,000 then definitely Sony Xperia Z can be a superb Android smartphone for you. If you are looking for costly Android smartphones of other companies then you may like to have a look at HTC Butterfly which is a very superb Android smartphone.