iPhone 5 Review – Know the Best iPhone 5 Features

Apple iPhone 5 is finally officially launched by Apple at an event in San Francisco and all those who were waiting to know the iPhone 5 features should really get excited to read about the Apple iPhone 5 features. Many people who thought that iPhone 5 will look stylish and slim should really get happy as their prediction has went right. Apple iPhone 5 is very slim and has many awesome features which you should know.

Apple iPhone 5 looks good and  has many exciting features but it lacks features like NFC.  Here comes the review of iPhone 5 features.

Apple iPhone 5

Best thing about iPhone 5

One of the best thing about iPhone 5 is that iPhone 5 is completely made from glass and aluminium. It is very different from the previous iPhone models. iPhone 5 is said to be one of the slimmest available smartphones. Apple iPhone 5 seems to be very much thinner than iPhone 4S which may make iPhone 5 get more demand than the demand which iPhone 4S got in US.

iPhone 5 weights less

iPhone 5 is very much light weight than iPhone 4S. iPhone weighs only 112 grams and if you are looking for a very easy to carry smartphone then definitely iPhone 5 should definitely become your choice.

iPhone 5 has a 4 inches display screen

iPhone 5 has a pretty good 4 inches Retina display screen. Its display screen has 1136 x 640 resolution.  iPhone 5 doesn’t only have a large size screen but it also looks very much taller than the previous iPhone models.

iPhone 5 runs on iOS 6

Apple iPhone 5 will run on the very new operating system iOS 6.  iOS 6 is the latest operating system by Apple. Siri is also much more improved on iOS 6 as Siri will now also provide the map directions on iPhone 5.

Superb quad core A6 processor in iPhone 5

There were many rumours that iPhone 5 will run fast than iPhone 4S and this definitely seems to be true. Apple iPhone 5 has a quad core A6 processor which makes it run very much faster than the previous iPhone model iPhone 4S.

Connectivity features in iPhone 5

iPhone 5 is having all the connectivity features like GPRS, EDGE, 3G, Wifi etc and it also has 4G LTE connectivity feature which makes you download lot of things on iPhone 5 really very fast.

8 megapixel camera in iPhone 5

Apple iPhone 5 also like the iPhone 4S has the 8 megapixel camera but this time the lens of the 8 megapixel camera really seems to be much smaller. Camera of iPhone 5 also has panorama mode and you can definitely capture images with a superb speed using the iPhone 5 as it as a much better camera than iPhone 4S. Apple iPhone also has a front facing camera.

Apple iPhone 5 has a good battery life as you get 8 hours talktime and 8 hours browsing time on the Apple iPhone 5. One thing missing in iPhone 5 is the NFC technology. All were expecting that Apple iPhone 5 will have the next generation technology known as NFC technology but iPhone 5 is not having such technology.

Apple has released the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB versions of iPhone 5. iPhone 5 will be sold in US on a 2 year contract basis. 16GB iPhone 5 is priced at $199 while the 32GB and 64 GB version costs $299 and $399 respectively.

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