10 Steps to a Project Kickoff : A Checklist for Project Managers

10 Steps to a Kickass Project Kickoff: A Checklist for Project Managers

Managing all type of projects is not an easy thing for many project managers as some of them may require lot of hard work. Even after giving lot of hard work, some of the project managers may not be able to complete their projects at the right time. For kicking off a project and achieving all the targets, different steps need to be taken by project managers. It may be the right time for all the project managers to know these steps which they need to take for completing the projects on the right time.

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11 “Internet of Things” Startups to Watch

Many new Startups are doing very well in different countries worldwide. Advancement of technology has bought many big things in the internet world. Internet of Things companies are bringing huge change as they are coming with products which are very useful and innovative. This post will let you know such ’11 Internet of Things’ which will make you understand that how Startups are bringing a big change. Startups are coming with unique products as such products get more demand.

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Online Marketing 101 – Know Everything Regarding Marketing

Detailed Information and Infographic about Online Marketing

Increasing number of internet users is one of the reasons for the increasing importance of online marketing. There are many people who still don’t understand the concept of online marketing. It is for such people that I have decided to make them know everything related to online marketing. There are different components of online marketing which you should know as then only you’ll be able to get success with online marketing. With the changing trends, lot of changes are happening in the way internet marketing is done. It may be the right time to work hard as an online marketer and bring a big change in your life.

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What is a Gantt Chart for Project Management? New Infographic

GANTT CHART and its Importance

Ever heard about GANTT CHART? This type of bar chart is definitely a very useful one. If you want your project to get completed on time, then you definitely need to make A GANTT CHART for it. It makes everyone know that when the project will get over and how much time different tasks will take. GANTT CHART has become a solution for many project managers which has increased its importance.

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