Reliance Digital Retail Store Experience – Buy Smartphones, Tablets and much more

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Friends if you are from Mumbai and thinking that from which store you should choose to buy smartphone, tablet, laptop or any other electronic item then definitely you should consider Reliance Digital Retail Store. IndiBlogger especially for bloggers kept this special Reliance Digital  Experience which I am sharing with you all through this blog post. 

IndiBlogger and Reliance gave bloggers to choose the Reliance Digital Retail Store which one desires to visit according to one’s own wish so that it would be convenient to visit the store. I went to Reliance Digital Retail Store which is in Infiniti Mall, Malad and I am sharing my experience with you.  If you are looking out for Reliance Digital Retail Store near you then you shouldn’t waste your time and start making use of Reliance Digital Store Locator.

Managers came and talked to me

As we were said to visit Reliance Digital Retail Store and meet the manager I searched out for the manager. There were many managers there and then me and my friend were taken to the store manager. I provided him the print out of the invitation I had received and then he said me to go through the store completely and from here my Reliance Digital Experience started.


These days everything has changed and now it is the time when you may look out for fully flat TV for yourself. At Reliance Digital Store you can find many different LED TVs and you may love to go through the different LED TVs. I really loved some of the LED TVs.

LED TVs Reliance Digital Store

Amazing Music Systems and speakers

If you are a music lover then definitely very high quality music systems and speakers are available at Reliance Digital Store..

Music System and Speakers at Reliance Digital

Music System and Speakers2 at Reliance Digital

Affordable and Costly Mobile Phones at Reliance Digital

At Reliance Digital you will be able to easily choose the best mobile phone for yourself according to your budget.One can go through all the mobile phones and also go through the features of them at Reliance Digital Store. Here are the few mobile phones I went through at Reliance Digital Store.

Micromax A116

Micromax A116 at Reliance Digital Store

You can see that Micromax A116 is priced at Rs 13,999 at Reliance Digital Store and you can see that they have listed out the features too which will help you in deciding that whether you should choose it for yourself or go for other Android mobile phone.

Blackberry Z10

I had written about Blackberry 10 OS features and when I was going through different mobile phones I got very attracted to Blackberry Z10 mobile phone which works on latest Blackberry OS.

Blackberry Z10 at Reliance Digital Store

I really love the way Blackberry 10 has been kept in Reliance Digital Store and even if it is priced more than Rs 40,000 you may love to buy Blackberry Z10.

Karbonn A30

Karbonn A30

Karbonn A30 is very amazing mobile phone and at Reliance Digital Store it is priced only Rs 10,999. I really loved the touchscreen of A30.


At Reliance Digital Store I went through all the laptops and I found that there is laptop available for everyone at Reliance Digital Store. From price Rs 20,000 to Rs50,000 you can find many good laptops.

Laptops at Reliance Digital Store

Refrigerators and Air-conditioners

Not only smartphones, tablets and laptops but there are variety of refrigerators and air-conditioners available at Reliance Digital Store. All the refrigerators are placed together and even the air-conditioners which will help you to understand that which one you should choose for yourself.

Refrigerators at Reliance Digital Store

Air-conditioners at Reliance Digital Store

Amazing Offers for you at Reliance Digital Store

You get accessories free with selected mobile phones, tablets and laptops at Reliance Digital Store. There is offer of also getting cash back if one pays using SBI credit card. You can check out all the offers which are currently available by visiting your nearby Reliance Digital Store.

Why to Buy from Reliance Digital Store??

Finally, I would like to end up my Reliance Digital Experience with the reasons which should make you choose Reliance Digital Store for buying a smartphone or any electronic item.

– Managers help you out in the store and they provide you any type of information which you want.

– One can take time and go through the different options so that one can finally decide which smartphone/tablet or laptop he wants to buy.

Best Store for purchasing during festival season – During festival season you may be looking to buy many Electronic items together or looking to buy a new smartphone for everyone in your family and that’s why Reliance Digital Store can be the best at such time as it will be always having the latest smartphones and electronic items. You will be finding more offers especially during the festival season.

– CashBack – One gets CashBack when purchase is done using particular debit or credit card.

–  Extended Warranty –  I got really impressed reading about the extended warranty offer at Reliance Digital Store. There was a extended warranty offer for 1 or 2 years especially if you have decided to Buy a laptop from Reliance Digital Store.

For 1 year extended warranty

Pay Rs 1665 to 3199

For 2 years extended warranty

Pay Rs 2895 to Rs 5598.

Reliance Digital Retail Store definitely has every type of electronic items and all the gadgets which you may be looking to buy. I hope that you would have love reading my Reliance Digital Experience and you would too also love to visit a near by Reliance Digital Retail Store soon.


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12 thoughts on “Reliance Digital Retail Store Experience – Buy Smartphones, Tablets and much more”

  1. Nice work, i appreciate your hard work, you are doing great job. Your article is good and really informative. Nice information about smartphones and tablets. This website is good for Gadgets information.

    All the best 🙂

  2. Yes Bharat you will definitely get free accessories with some selected mobile phones and tablets at Reliance Digital Store…You can definitely consider it as one of the best stores..

  3. Thanks Rahul my friend…I remember you talking about why I don’t open a blog on mobile phones and Android Apps….Yes I am trying my best to provide very useful information..I visited Reliance Digital Store and that’s why shared my experience…Keep visiting…

  4. It is great that you are sharing your personal experience of visiting Reliance Digital Store and this will be very helpful for your website. Do your work good, you will succeed one day 🙂

    All the best

  5. Thanks Segun and Rahul…Bloggers always appreciate good work and I really like it…I hope you too all would someday visit a Reliance Digital Store…

  6. Hi , Mohit , Reliance digital store is an awesome place for tech geeks . A total electronic shop in under one roof that is awesome, Its a good place to visit enormous brands of electronic media . Thanks for sharing 🙂
    Thank you
    Sandeep Kumar Dan

  7. Sandeep Kumar Dan thanks for liking this post..I thought let me try something different from reviewing mobile Apps and that’s why I wrote my Reliance Digital Experience….Your are very right that Reliance Digital Store is one of the best place for geeks to know about the latest gadgets…

  8. Yes Dharmesh Reliance Digital is definitely one of the best place to buy gadgets……Anchit Shethia nice to know that you bought your iPhone 5 and car stereo set from Reliance Digital Store..I had an amazing experience and I hope you too had the same…


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