OnePlus Nord 2 or Motorola Edge 20 – Which One to Buy?

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Motorola Edge 20 has just launched and it is very thin and lightweight.

The comparison of Edge 20 and OnePlus Nord 2 is necessary as both come in the Rs 30,000 price range and it can be difficult to decide between Edge 20 and OnePlus Nord 2.

If you’re looking for a slim 5G smartphone with stock Android, then your search may definitely end with Edge 20.

Those who’re a fan of OnePlus smartphones may definitely go with Nord 2 as it has got good multimedia and camera features.

Comparison of the specs and features of OnePlus Nord 2 and Edge 20 is been asked by many of the blog readers along with the opinion, and that’s why I decided to publish it immediately.

Disclaimer – This post contains affiliate links, and I may earn a small commission if a purchase is made.

Edge 20 Comparison with OnePlus Nord 2

OnePlus Nord 2 Comparison with Edge 20

Comparison of OnePlus Nord and Motorola Edge 20


  • OnePlus Nord 2: 189 grams.
  • Motorola Edge 20: 163 grams.


  • OnePlus Nord 2: 8.25mm.
  • Motorola Edge 20: 6.99mm.


  • OnePlus Nord 2: Dimensity 1200 AI.
  • Motorola Edge 20: Snapdragon 778G processor.

Display Screen Size

  • OnePlus Nord 2: 6.43-inch OLED AMOLED display screen with 90Hz refresh rate. Corning Gorilla Glass 5 at the front and back.
  • Motorola Edge 20: 7-inch FHD+ AMOLED Display with 144Hz refresh rate. It comes with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection.

The very high refresh rate of Edge 20 is something that you need to consider when it comes to the display of both smartphones.

Operating System

  • OnePlus Nord 2: Oxygen 11.3 based on the Android 11 operating system.
  • Motorola Edge 20: Stock 11 and 2 guaranteed updates in the future.

Rear Camera

  • OnePlus Nord 2: 50MP+8MP+2MP.
  • Motorola Edge 20: 108MP+8MP+16EIS.

Front Camera

  • OnePlus Nord 2: 32-megapixel.
  • Motorola Edge 20: 32-megapixel.

OnePlus Nord 2’s front camera has even got a flash and hence it will be interesting to see how the Edge 20’s camera stands out in front of the OnePlus Nord’s selfie camera.


  • OnePlus Nord 2: 4500 mAh battery with 65W fast charging feature.
  • Motorola Edge 20: 4000 mAh battery with 30W fast charging feature.

The battery size and fast charging feature of the OnePlus Nord 2 are better in comparison to what Motorola is offering in Edge 20.


  • OnePlus Nord 2: Dual Speakers.
  • Motorola Edge 20: Single Speaker.

OnePlus Nord 2 comes with dual speakers making it one of the best 5G smartphones with dual speakers in Rs 30,000

OnePlus Nord 2 and Motorola Edge 20 Variants

  • OnePlus Nord 2: 6GB+128GB, 8GB+128GB, 12GB+256GB.
  • Motorola Edge 20: 8GB+128GB

OnePlus Nord 2 and Motorola Edge 20 Colors

  • OnePlus Nord 2: Blue Haze, Green Woods, and Grey Sierra.
  • Motorola Edge 20: Frosted Pearl, Frosted Emerald.

OnePlus Nord 2 and Motorola Edge 20 Price Difference

  • OnePlus Nord 2: The price of the starting variant is Rs 27,999.
  • Motorola Edge 20: The price of the only variants starts at Rs 29,999.

Buy OnePlus Nord 2 Online

Buy Motorola Edge 20 Online

Conclusion: OnePlus Nord 2 vs Motorola Edge 20

It may be a difficult decision to make, but there are some differences between the Edge 20 and OnePlus Nord 2 that you know after reading this comparison. The thinness of Edge 20 is attractive, while it doesn’t have dual speakers like Nord 2 which you need to consider. OnePlus Nord 2 is already called an all-rounder by some techies, while Motorola Edge 20 has just launched in India but gaining popularity. Do consider all the points and then make the choice between Nord 2 and Edge 20. Do share your opinion about OnePlus Nord 2 and Edge 20 by leaving a comment below.


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