JioMeet Launched in India – Will It Become the Best Video Conferencing App?

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Finally, the wait for a new video conferencing App is over, and it is launched by none other than Reliance Jio. JioMeet is the new video conferencing App launched by them, and the most interesting thing to see will be that whether it will become the best alternative to Zoom.

Many people were thinking that whether any company will be able to launch a best Zoom alternative and may be here is the answer. JioMeet’s testing started in May this year, and finally people can use this amazing App with the best features. Let us have a look at some of the best features of JioMeet.

Best Features of JioMeet

  • Multi-device login support (up to five devices)
  • Easy sign up using mobile number or Email ID
  • HD Audio and Video Quality
  • Schedule a meeting in advance
  • Share screen and collaborate.
  • Supports up to 100 participants on a call.
  • Uninterrupted call “up to 24 hours”.
  • Password Protection on every call
  • Safe Driving Mode

Above mentioned are some of the best features of JioMeet, and there are many more features which you may be able to experience after using JioMeet yourself.

As per the information available, JioMeet is going to be available not only for Android, but also for Windows, iPhone, MAC etc. Currently, it is not available for Windows and Mac, so they will have to wait a little.

JioMeet Pros and Cons Best Zoom Alternative

One of the main pros of JioMeet is that currently there are no paid plans. So, you don’t have to worry about paying a fee every month for making use of this special video conferencing facility.

JioMeet’s Integration with Other Apps

Also, it is heard that JioMeet will be integrated with other Jio Apps like Jio e-Health and Jio’s e-Education. Such type of integrations will help patients to easily connect with doctors, teachers will be able to conduct classes etc. It will be interesting to see that whether there will be any other collaborations.

Here is the Play Store download link for everyone who wants to use JioMeet on their Android smartphone.

Also, I’ve noted that currently everyone may not be able to use JioMeet immediately. The below mentioned is the information that I found at the Google Play Store:

Note: New users can Sign Up on JioMeet only with an Invite Code shared by any existing JioMeet user. Users can also request Invite Code or give suggestions by writing to

It is quite possible that no such permission may be required in the coming days.

Apps like JioCinema, JioTV, JioMusic which are available on Jio Platform are already very popular. It will be interesting to see that whether JioMeet will become one of the most downloaded Apps.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, video conferencing Apps have been very useful. Many professionals, companies, teachers etc have used video conferencing Apps for performing their tasks. Apart from JioMeet and Zoom, the other video conferencing services that you can try are as follows:

  • Skype
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Google Meet

Update – JioMeet got over 500K downloads on the first day of launch, which is definitely a big number. It seems that it is gaining massive popularity and may soon take over the other video conferencing services used in India. We are trying to know more about JioMeet, and just keep a watch at this update section to know some more useful information about JioMeet.

JioMeet’s features are really attractive. People have started using the JioMeet service and have now started reporting its pros and cons. It will definitely be interesting to see that whether it will soon become the best video conferencing service in India.

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