HTC launches Desire Eye, One (M8 EYE) and Special RE Camera in India

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I love HTC smartphones because of the quality and unique features they come with, but another important reason for attending the HTC Double Exposure event at Grand Hyatt on 17th October was to see my favorite Bollywood actor John Abrahim. I was 15-20 minutes late, but I felt happy that the event had not begun yet and some people were making the entry into the hall where event was going to take place. So I went in and started waiting eagerly to see John and the launch of HTC Desire Eye, HTC One (M8 EYE), HTC Desire 820 etc. I didn’t knew that they will be launching a special camera called RE at the event, but that seemed to be the biggest surprise.

The event started with a special dance performance. Some people may miss out to write about it, but I will really to appreciate the 2 dancers who entertained everyone by doing a sizzling dance performance. After the performance, Faisal Siddiqui (Vice President and Country Head of HTC India) said few words about HTC.

Once Mr Faisal Siddiqui completed his speech, the announcement was made that the special guest will now come on the stage to unveil the new HTC products.

John launching HTC smartphones and RE Camera

HTC Desire Eye, One M8 Eye and RE Camera

So as you can see the above image, John Abrahim accompanied by Darren Sng (HTC Senior Director of Product marketing) unveiled the new HTC smartphones which are HTC Desire Eye and HTC One (M8 Eye). You can also see that a special camera called the RE camera was also unveiled. We were then made to know the special features of the new HTC smartphones and the RE camera. All of us were also giving the opportunity to ask any questions related to the new smartphones and RE camera launched by HTC at the event. You’ll be now able to know features of the smartphones launched and the reasons to buy RE camera.

HTC Desire Eye

HTC Desire Eye Features and Other Details

The smartphone which impressed me the most is HTC Desire Eye. It comes with amazing 5.2 inch Full HD display screen having very good resolution. HTC Desire Eye is powered with 2.3 GHz Quad Core processor. It comes with 2GB RAM and internal memory of 16GB. The reason that this smartphone is going to get lot of popularity in India is that both the rear facing and front facing camera is of 13 megapixel. 4G LTE, NFC and many other superb features are provided in this smartphone.

As I got to go through HTC Desire Eye for 10/15 minutes I got a good idea about how superb is this smartphone. If someone asks me to review HTC Desire Eye, then I’ll give it 5/5 rating especially which is because of its camera features.

Price is still not known. It may get released in India in November. Once this smartphone will get available, I’ll try to write a post covering all the features.

HTC One M8 Eye

HTC One M8 Eye Features and Details

HTC also launched HTC One M8 Eye smartphone. This smartphone is also very powerful. It comes with 5 inch HD screen. Most of the features provided in HTC One M8 Eye are similar to the features provided in HTC One M8, but the only difference is the camera features. This smartphone is available from today and you’ll be able to buy it at the price of Rs 39,900.

HTC Desire 820 and 820q

HTC Desire 820 and HTC Desire 820q were already announced by HTC at a previous event. At this event HTC announced the price of both the smartphones. Desire 820 will be available at Rs 24,900, while HTC Desire 820q is launched at price Rs 22,500.

HTC Desire 516C

If your budget is less, then you should check out HTC Desire 516C. At this event I got to know about this budget smartphone. HTC Desire 516C is a Dual SIM smartphone with 5 inch display screen. HTC Desire 516C comes with Quad Core processor, 1GB RAM and internal memory of 4GB. The rear facing camera is a 5 megapixel camera, while the front camera is a 0.3 megapixel camera. The most amazing thing is that HTC Desire 516C is priced Rs 12,990 only and it is available at Snapdeal.

RE Camera- An Unique Type of Camera

RE Camera – This new product by HTC impressed me. I think that this RE camera is going to be liked by people who travel a lot and even those who are involved in any type of sports activity may love to have this camera.

RE Camera launched in Different Colors

It is small and it is easy to carry. I don’t know that why HTC has named this camera as RE Camera, but there can be some good reason behind it. RE Camera has bought a new concept of not using the smartphone’s camera while travelling, swimming or doing any other type of activity, and instead of it one should try to make use of a small camera like RE camera for taking photographs and shooting videos.

HTC RE Camera comes with 16 megapixel camera having CMOS sensor. The amazing thing about HTC RE is that it comes with ultra wide angle 146 degree lens allowing you to capture the best images. Slow video recording and some other features of this camera really impressed everyone.

Re Camera Hands On

We bloggers were called to a conference room for going through this new camera and how its work. You get 8GB microSD card with it, while RE Camera can support up to 128GB of external memory. The connectivity features provided in this RE Camera are Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and micro-USB. RE Camera comes with 820 mAh battery.

Someone in the conference room asked that “How we’ll be able to know that the battery of RE camera is going down?”. We were informed that an orange color light shall make us know that the RE Camera’s battery is below 25%.

RE Camera is compatible with Android 4.3 and higher versions. It is also compatible with iOS 7 or later versions.

RE Camera Review

What about the price? RE Camera is going to get available at an introductory price of Rs 9,990 at Snapdeal in the first week of November. Last but not the least, RE camera is a IPx7 waterproof camera.

After using the RE Camera for 30 minutes and more yesterday,  I can say that it is going to be a very useful camera. I hope that HTC maintains the price of RE Camera at Rs 9,990 only as the reasonable price will make many people buy RE Camera in India. Many techies will be waiting to review RE Camera as it a very unique product which HTC has launched.

HTC’s this event was definitely a successful event as its new smartphones and the unique RE camera impressed many bloggers. HTC can expect to get good demand for its smartphones in India. Seeing HTC launching some amazing flaghship smartphones which are HTC Desire Eye, HTE One M8 Eye and an unique RE camera, other companies may also try to launch some new products. Thanks to HTC for arranging such type of superb event.

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6 thoughts on “HTC launches Desire Eye, One (M8 EYE) and Special RE Camera in India”

  1. Hello Mohit, hope everything is good at your end.. This new launch phone and that camera device is not only unique but also awesome. Also seeing John as their brand ambassador was another shocking 🙂 Its good to see whatever HTC is trying to regain its position in market. HTC products were my favorite since my very first phone..

  2. Yes Everything is going good and thanks for asking about it Akriti…Yes RE Camera is really very awesome as it comes with a new type of design and special features…I’m going to remember this event forever as I got the chance to see John Abrahim my favorite actor 🙂

    Avnish bro you are welcomed..I went to the HTC event where they launched HTC One M8 Eye and HTC Desire Eye, this is the reason that I was able to make you know about these HTC smartphones.

  3. Hey Mohit,

    Thanks a lot for sharing the coverage and details of these amazing newly launched smartphones from HTC. I’m really a big fan of HTC devices, the build quality, the performance, the design, the sound quality and almost everything is perfect on the HTC smartphones, especially on the HTC One M8. I really liked the Desire Eye from above. Thanks a lot for sharing these details, mate 🙂

  4. Bhargav I’m feeling happy that you liked the way I have covered the HTC’s Double Exposure event……It is good to know that you’re a big fan of HTC smartphones..I’m myself now a big fan of HTC smartphones and that is mainly after going through HTC Desire Eye , HTC One M8 Eye in the conference room……I’ll try to cover each and every mobile launch event that happens in Mumbai 🙂


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