Aakash 4 Tablet Will Get Available Soon :Check Out Features

Aakash 4 tablet features better than Aakash 2 tablet

[ad#ad-1] Waiting for a low budget tablet to be announced in India? Aakash 4 tablet will get available in around 1 month 30 days as said by Telecom Minister Kapil Sibal.  The price of Aakash 4 tablet will be Rs 3,999 which is definitely affordable but the main thing to see will be that whether the … Read more

Aakash 2 low cost tablet Review


Datawind has finally launched its second tablet which is Aakash 2 tablet. This tablet which is Aakash 2 is a better version of the previous tablet Aakash 1. Datawind has manufactured this tablet Aakash 2 in co-operation with IIT Bombay. Aakash 2 will be firstly provided to engineering colleges and other students at a very affordable price of Rs 1130.

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