LG Optimus G Pro Features

Finally LG is out with a new Android smartphone which is LG Optimus G Pro..Am too much impressed with the features of this new flagship smartphone of LG and that’s why you may also love to go through the LG Optimus G Pro features. You can call it a Android mobile phone or Phablet as the screen is of 5.5 inches. Am trying to cover the features which impressed me the most.

This new flagship smartphone works on Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean operating system and it has amazing Optimus 3.0 UI which is very impressive.

Optimus G Pro smartphone with cool features

Amazing Display Screen of Optimus G Pro

The display screen is the most special thing about LG Optimus G Pro..The display screen is of 5.5 inches and as it is FULL HD display screen you may find it to be better than display screen of some other Android smartphones. The full IPS curved display is the reason people will be liking Optimus G Pro. The resolution of screen of Optimus G Pro is 1920 x 1080 pixels which is definitely too good.

Quad Core Processor and 2GB RAM makes Optimus G Pro a very powerful Android smartphone

The processor in LG Optimus G Pro is a 1.7GHz Quad Core Snapdragon 600 processor and it is definitely powerful. The RAM normally is of 1GB but as Optimus G Pro packs in 2GB RAM you will be getting superb fast experience and you can enjoy most of the amazing games.

Both the rear facing camera and front facing camera of Optimus G Pro will make you happy

LG Optimus G Pro is a Pro Android smartphone as it packs in superb camera features. The rear facing camera is 13 megapixel camera with LED flash. Rear facing camera has amazing features which are Panorama, Smart Video, Dual Recording and many more. The front facing camera is a 2.1 megapixel camera and you will definitely love doing video calling due to the amazing front facing camera of LG Optimus G Pro.

Connectivity Features – All are available in LG Optimus G Pro

3G HSPA, aGPS , Wifi, Bluetooth 4.0, all such connectivity features are available in LG Optimus G Pro.

Enough Internal memory and external memory slot too

The internal memory available in LG Optimus G Pro  is 16GB which is really good for those who are not happy with 4GB or 8GB internal memory. Using microSD card slot you can get external memory of 64GB with Optimus G Pro which is launched by LG.

Battery life of Optimus G Pro seems good

Now there will be no more battery related issues as Optimus G Pro comes with 3140 mAh battery. Wireless charging feature may impress those who are going to be away from their home and going to carry LG Optimus G Pro with them.


Optimus G Pro and that’s why costly but as the features are good you may spend money to buy it. People with very low budget can consider Nokia 207,208 or dual sim 208 as they are 3G enabled and priced too low.

I am really impressed with the features of LG Optimus G Pro and I that’s why thought to write about them…There was an event in which bloggers were invited and LG showed off LG Optimus G Pro….I didn’t went to this LG event but will love to go to next LG events as I am finding that LG is launching superb Android mobile phones these days and Optimus G Pro is definitely one of them. LG Optimus G Pro  price is Rs 42,550 which is definitely costly but seeing the features one with high budget may definitely like to go for it.