Lenovo A6000 4G vs Moto E (2nd Gen) 3G Comparison

Lenovo A6000 4G smartphone and the 3G variant of Moto E (2nd Gen) both are available online at price of Rs 6,999 only. There is definitely going to be tough competition between both these affordable Android smartphones as they are provided with best features. People who don’t want to wait for the 4G variant of Moto E (2nd Gen) smartphone may definitely decide to buy one of these smartphones immediately. You may be already knowing the difference between first Gen and second Gen Moto E. There are some differences which are noticeable, while some features are still the same. In this post I’ll be doing the comparison of Lenovo A6000 4G and Motorola Moto E (2nd Gen). This comparison will definitely help you in buying the perfect affordable Android smartphone for yourself.

Built Quality

The built quality of both the smartphones seem to be good. I have got to know from some of my friends that Moto E (2nd Gen) is more comfortable to hold than the first Gen Moto E. You can have a look at the images of both the smartphones to know more about the design of the smartphones.

Lenovo A6000

Lenovo A6000 Comparison with Moto E (2nd Gen) 3G variant

Display Screen

Lenovo A6000 comes with 5 inch HD display screen having resolution of 1280 x720 pixels. There is no glass protection provided to the display screen of Lenovo A6000. Moto E (2nd Gen) comes with little smaller screen which is of 4.5 inch. It is a TFT LCD qHD display screen having resolution of 960 x 540 pixels. You may prefer Moto E (2nd Gen) over Lenovo A6000 due to one of the reasons which is that the display screen of Moto E (2nd Gen) is provided with Gorilla Glass protection.

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Processor, RAM and Storage

Moto E (2nd Gen) comes with 1.2GHz Quad Core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, while Lenovo A6000 has got the powerful 1.2GHz 64 Bit Quad Core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. Both smartphones come with 1GB RAM.

Internal memory of 8GB and external memory up to 32GB is what you’ll with both the smartphones.

Moto E (2nd Gen) 3G

Moto E (2nd Gen) Comparison with Lenovo A6000

Camera Features Comparison

Lenovo A6000 4G Android smartphone is not only affordable, but its 8 megapixel camera is really a good one and it comes with LED flash. The front facing camera provided in Lenovo A6000 4G smartphone is a 2 megapixel camera.

Moto E (2nd Gen) has got rear facing camera of 5 megapixel only and one of the cons is that LED flash is not provided. According to me, Lenovo A6000’s rear facing camera is definitely a better one. Moto E (2nd Gen) is provided with a VGA camera in the front.

It is really good to see companies providing good rear facing camera in low priced smartphones.

Connectivity and Battery

When it comes to connectivity, Lenovo A6000 wins the race as it has got 4G connectivity. The 4G variant of Moto E (2nd Gen) will be definitely priced Rs 2,000 more. The other connectivity features provided are Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS.

Lenovo A6000 comes with 2300 mAh battery, while Moto E (2nd Gen) comes with 2390 mAh battery.

Moto E (2nd Gen) smartphone can be bought immediately, while Lenovo A6000 can be purchased through flash sales only.

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This comparison of Moto E (2nd Gen)’s 3G variant and Lenovo A6000 4G smartphone may definitely have given you a good idea that which one is a better option. Even Xiaomi’s Redmi 2 will soon go for sale online which will increase the competition more. It will be interesting to see that whether companies will decide to come out with offers to make people get more attracted to their affordable Android smartphones. Will you buy Lenovo A6000 4G or Moto E (2nd Gen) 3G smartphone?