5 Best Power Banks Available Under Rs 1,000

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We all love to buy a latest Android smartphone, but many of us get frustrated as some of the smartphones come with less battery life. If you’re frustrated just because of less battery life, then definitely you need to buy a power bank for yourself. By using a power bank you’ll be able to charge your smartphone even when you’re travelling. It is just because of power bank that you’ll be able to continuously play games, watch videos even when you’re travelling. With the improvement in technology, power banks are getting better and you may be able to see more powerful power banks getting launched in future. In this post you’ll be able to know 5 best Power Banks available under Rs 1,000.

If your smartphone is not providing you the battery life that you want to get, then it doesn’t means that you should sell your smartphone or get a new one. Power banks and portable chargers can definitely be very helpful for you. These Power Banks can be easily purchased online.

5 Best Power Banks under Rs 1000 Available Online

List of Best Power Banks which you can Buy Under Rs 1,000

1. DigiFlip Power Bank 6600 mAh

Best Power Banks Under Rs 1000

Like the Digiflip series tablets, Flipkart has also launched Digiflip series power banks. This power bank comes with 2 USB outputs and looks good. It is rechargeable up to 500 cycles and comes with LED flashlight.

Buy Digiflip Power Bank 6600 mAh at Rs 699

2. Samsung EEB-EI1CWEGUNU Power Bank

This Power Bank is not a low cost power bank. It is just priced little over Rs 1,000 and that’s why you may be able to afford it. It comes with 9000 mAh capacity. Handy indicator will let you know the charge level easily.

Buy Samsung EEB-EI1CWEGINU Power Bank at Rs 1048

If you think that your smartphone charges very slowly, then you need to follow some tips to make it charge faster.

3. Mi 10400 mAh Power Bank

Mi 10400 Xiaomi's Best Power Bank

Mi 10400 Power Bank is one of the most selling Power Banks. It comes with 10400 mAh power. It comes with protection from overcharge and discharge. Another pro of this Xiaomi power bank is that it comes with water and corrision resistant feature. Other features are indicator lights, protection from short circuit etc.

Buy Mi 10400 mAh Power Bank at Rs 999

4. Ambrane P-5200 Power Bank

Ambrane 5200 mAh Power Bank

Ambrane P-5200 Power Bank comes with metallic body and Samsung Cell. It has even got LED indicator. A good thing is that it is available in Black as well as Gold color.

Buy Ambrane P-5200 Power Bank at Rs 899

5. Maxxlite 2600 mAh Power Bank with Keychain

Maxxlite 2600 Very Cheap Power Bank

Maxxlite 2600 mAh is one of the cheapest Power Bank as it comes at very less price. White color version with keychain is available at Rs 199 only. If you want to buy a power bank in low budget, then definitely Maxxlite’s this power bank shall be the best power bank for you.

Buy Maxxlite 2600 mAh Power Bank

New Power Banks Under Rs 1,000 Available Online

6. Cloud Combo CK Black 10400 mAh Power Bank

Cloud Combo 10400 New Power Bank

This seems to a powerful and easy to use power Bank. It seems to have just arrived. You’ll get 3 in 1 cable with this power bank. It is available in black and various other colors. I hope that you’ll be able to get good experience with this power bank.

Main Features

  • Looks Good
  • Very Powerful
  • Provided with 3 in 1 Cable

Buy Cloud Combo Power Bank Online at Rs 899

7. Lapcare Oval Shape Power Bank 5200 mAh

Lapcare Oval Shaped Best Power Bank

If you’re looking for an oval shape power bank, then this is the power bank you may definitely want to check. It looks attractive and at the same time it seems to be having good functions. It is really to nice to see that the number of low budget Power banks are increasing and new companies are trying their best to attract customers

Main Features

  • Oval Shape
  • Looks Attractive
  • Powerful

Buy Lapcare Oval Shape Power Bank

I hope that you’ll soon buy one Power Bank for yourself out of the 5 Power Banks which I have mentioned. You can share your experience that you had by using the Power Bank of your choice. Which Power Bank you’re going to buy? Do you know any other best low budget Power Bank.

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4 thoughts on “5 Best Power Banks Available Under Rs 1,000”

  1. My budget was Rs 1,000 only and this post helped me. I was able to go through the power banks which come with the best features. Thanks for it.

  2. Hey Rahul I am happy that my list of best Powerbanks was helpful for you. You can even check out some other gadgets which includes smartphones and tablets at this blog. Keep visiting.

  3. I think you’ll be able to charge your smartphone’s 2000 mAh battery using 2600 mAh battery. One thing you can do is that you can take a similar type of Powerbank from your friend and try to use it. I will recommend to spend little more and go for the Xiaomi 10400 Powerbank, OnePlus Powerbank or Asus Powerbank.


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