WhatsApp Brings New Live Location Sharing Feature

We all love most of the WhatsApp’s features, and one of the latest features which is gaining popularity is the live location sharing feature. This new feature will be available not only for Android, but also for iOS. The wait won’t be very long, and you’ll be soon able to make use of this feature. Know how you can share live location using WhatsApp and other details in this post.

Telegram is one of the instant messaging Apps already having this feature. The announcement of this new feature shall have made many WhatsApp fans happy as they won’t be required to download any other mobile App to know the live location of their any friend or relative.

Live location sharing option will save time as people will be sharing location and knowing where exactly the person they want to meet has reached. Real time updation makes live location sharing option very useful. You’ll be able to give directions to a person easily by knowing the live location on WhatsApp.

How to Share Live Location on WhatsApp?

Sharing live location on WhatsApp won’t be difficult, and it will save your time as you won’t need to share the location again and again. Once you’ll share your current location with anyone in your contacts, the feature will keep on working until you stop it on your own. You’ll also get the feature of ‘automatic time limit’ which will automatically turn off the location sharing option once the time limit has reached. 15 minutes, 1 hours and 8 hours are the 3 time limit options that you shall find on your WhatsApp to stop sharing your location automatically.

For sharing live location, here are the steps that you’ll need to follow

1. Go to contacts.

2. Select the Share Live Location option.

Earlier in this year 2017, live location sharing feature was already provided to Facebook Messenger users, and that’s why many were expecting its addition to this instant messaging App.

Use Live Location Sharing feature in WhatsApp

As per the information available, there won’t be any requirement of manually updating the App. If you don’t get this feature in few weeks, then you shall update the WhatsApp version already installed in your smartphone.

In the coming days, we will get to know the opinion of people about this latest WhatsApp feature. It will be interesting to know that whether the live sharing feature will consume lot of battery life on a smartphone.

WhatsApp is already one of the most downloaded instant messaging Apps. The introduction of this new feature may make even those who’re not using WhatsApp try it out immediately. Are you excited to make use of the live location feature introduced by WhatsApp?