Your T-Shirt May Become Your Next Mobile Phone

Is this title confusing? Are you thinking that what I mean? Yes, This is totally true. Your t-shirt may work like a mobile phone. This may seem to be a miracle to you, but according to me this is not a miracle. This is all because of the innovation happening worldwide. Better technology may lead to printing of smartphones on clothing. You should read this post to know that how this is going to happen.

We can’t expect to have a full functioning mobile on our t-shirt but that may also happen soon. We can expect that our clothing may get a mobile phone which will ring, and we will be able to talk using this mobile phone.

Mobile on t-shirts and other clothes

Some Smartphones have become slimmer, some have got very high quality camera, some have got super fast processor and now smartphones are going to become very small. Printing of smartphones on clothes can only happen when smartphones will become very small and very flexible. This can only happen by proper research and making the technology more advanced.

The most amazing news is that this research has already started. Monash University, Australia is the institute where this research has already started. ‘Spaser technology” is the thing which is going to make this happen. A new version of Spaser technology is going to be found and that will make tiny printing of mobile phones possible. You can just imagine that how small the printing will be and how it will look.

What is Spaser Technology?

Spaser technology still now has made use of gold or silver nanoparticles but now the new version of it may make use of carbon. You will find that a nanolaser will be used for printing tiny things. The research is still going and we can expect that the printing of mobile phone on clothing may happen very soon. This generation may definitely be able to have a smartphone in the form of  t-shirt. We have already seen watches working as mobile phones and now soon we may be able to see that t-shirts will work like mobile phones.

What type of smartphone we can expect?

I have started imagining that what type of smartphones will be printed on clothes. I am expecting it to have a very small screen and even a very small camera. I don’t know that what type of success these researchers will get and that’s why I can’t have very big expectations. I am still thinking that how it will feel to reply to a message by typing using the smartphone’s keyboard provided on the t-shirt.  You can comment and let me know that what type of mobile phone you expect to get on a t-shirt. Will it have all the features like a normal smartphone?

I don’t know that when this thing will actually happen. I just hope that this should happen very soon. It will be very exciting going to buy a t-shirt which can also do the work of a mobile phone. The day this will happen, I shall definitely write about it at my blog. After reading this post you may feel surprised but you shouldn’t as technology will keep advancing.