Spice Stellar Xtacy Mi-352 – Low budget Android smartphone

Recently many high budget Android smartphones like Sony Xperia Z, HTC Butterfly, Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus have been announced and now a low budget Android smartphone has been released by Spice. Spice Stellar Stacy Mi-352 which is an Android smartphone will be launched at just Rs 4,632 and this smartphone will be specially a good choice for those who can’t spend much to buy an Android smartphone but always wanted to have an Android smartphone.

Spice Mi-352 has a 3.5 inches display screen and many other good features which you may not get in any other Android smartphone at such a low price which is Rs 4,634. You should have a look at all his features if you are looking to buy low budget Android smartphone.

Mi-352 works on Android 2.3 operating system and it has 1GHz Snapdragon processor. Spice Mi-352 has 256MB RAM while Stellar Xtacy Mi352 has got internal memory of 512MB. Spice Stellar Xtacy Mi-352 gives you the option to get external memory up to 16GB with the use of MicroSD memory card.

Spice Stellar Xtacy Mi-352 only has rear facing camera while there is no front facing camera. Spice Stellar Xtacy Mi-352 even if priced low has all connectivity features which are 2G, 3G, Bluetooth and Wifi.

Spice Stellar Xtacy Mi-352 has 1300 mAh battery used which gives you decent talktime with this affordable Android smartphone. It is a dual sim Android smartphone and that’s why at Rs 4,634 Spice Mi-352 seems to be a good option for those who need dual sim Android smartphone.

At Rs 4,634 Spice Stellar Xtacy Mi-352 seems to be a very good Android smartphone. You can have a look at other Android smartphones which are available around the price of Spice Mi-352.  One of the low budget Android smartphones which Micromax released recently is Micromax A25 Smarty which costs lower then Spice Stellar Xtacy Mi-352. You can also have a look at 3 other Android smartphones which are available at a price around Rs 5,000. More low budget Android smartphones may be releasing soon and that’s why you may have more and more options if you are looking to buy a good low budget Android smartphone.