Spice Smart Flo Space – A Very Low Budget Good Android Smartphone

Spice has introduced a new Android smartphone and you may be excited to know about this smartphone as it is priced below Rs 4,000. Spice Smart Flo Space (Mi-354) is priced at Rs 3,799 and you may be thinking that what Spice is offering at such a low price. I will like you to go through the features of Spice Smart Flo Space before you buy any other low budget Android smartphone.

Spice Smart Flo Space works on Android 4.2 operating system. Check out all the features of Spice Smart Flo Space.

Smart Flo Space Android Smartphone below Rs 4000

The display screen of Smart Flo Space is only of 3.5 inches. The good thing about this smartphone is that it has 1 GHz Dual Core processor. There should have been at least a 512MB RAM but you should feel happy that you are at least getting 256MB RAM with Smart Flo Space.

The camera features of Smart Flo Space are decent seeing the low price. You get a rear facing camera of 3 megapixel while a 1.3 megapixel camera in front of Smart Flo Space.

There is no 3G connectivity feature available in Smart Flo Space. You get the connectivity features which are 2G, Wi-fi and Bluetooth with Smart Flo Space.

Internal memory is only of 512MB but you will happy as there is an external memory card slot available in Mi-354.

1450 mAh battery of this Android smartphone should give you talktime of around 5 hours. FM radio is also available with this new Android smartphone launched by Spice.

You will be happy to know that by paying Rs 3,799 you are not only getting so many good features but also dual sim feature with Spice Smart Flo Space.

At Rs 3,799 Spice is offering a real good Android smartphone. In this price range you will not find many good smartphones and that’s why this smartphone by Spice may be the best option for you. You get NQ Antivirus (6 months) free with this smartphone and Spice is also giving a good Back cover free with this affordable smartphone.